Hello, this is my first post, please be merciful

Recently I took a long range class as part of the club's 1000 yd range requirements. They offer F-Class and I have had a long range interest for awhile. Having just finished my build on a rifle for CMP/NRA Service Rifle, my budget is depleted. So instead of starting out with the best of everything, I am going to try it the other way. I know all about buy it once, cry once. Got it. But, if I want to have something to train with, get my toes in the water, then I am doing to do it on the cheap.

Purchased a 6.5 Creedmoor as that was the caliber I chose to go with. Now a scope....

Having spent a lot of time researching the subject, even focusing on F-Class discussion, as soon as I think I have it all figured out, I read another article and get twisted around.

What it boils down to is MOA vs. Mil, FPP or SPP. In either case, I want AO. First, I was told that other disciplines might go mil, the consensus seemed to be that F-Class was MOA. If you don't bring a lot of inch/cm with you, then it is just what is easiest to use for the 1000 yd target?

Same with first and second focal plane. The consensus seemed to be FPP for known distance like F-Class and people in PRS and varying distances might want to go SPP. Not to further dilute the topic, but then it is a simple dot reticle or some form of BDC?

If there have been polls or discussions on this with all the answers, I apparently didn't find them so please help!