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Thread: Match Results- Iosco County-Tawas

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    Match Results- Iosco County-Tawas

    We contested a 100 yard Score match at the East Tawas range of Iosco County Sportman's Association on July 7 of this year. Due to extreme weather conditions it was lightly attended. But then it could have been everyone knew Eric Simmons would be there and that scared them off. I don't have the complete results in front of me and I'm getting forgetful but that matters not. Eric was using Paul Becigneul's rifle, my powder, primers, and bullets. So, the only thing Eric Simmons had to concen himself with was the switching wind coming from most directions and at times higher velocity and instant changes in both. With a clear head, Eric Simmons waded through the conditions and the competition and we won the match in which only two others, including myself, stayed "clean". Youth will be served.
    I re-read my post and I must add "I'm not getting forgetful; I have selective memory".
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