The only thing hotter than the 90+ degree weather at last weekend’s 12th Annual Briar Hail Memorial match at the Shelby County Deer Hunters Association club was Ted Heindselman, in winning his third straight N.B.R.S.A. Eastern Region 2-Gun championship. Ted makes winning look easy as he continue his winning ways this year. Congrats, Ted! Great shooting!

The loyal 18 Eastern Region shooters whom attended this annual match and enjoyed some favorable wind conditions during last weekend’s Briar Hail Memorial match at Shelby County.

The boys from Hill Country (Southern Ohio) Tim Humphreys, Carl Thompson, Paul Whitt and Danny Pritt attended in full-force.... This was Danny Pritt's first match since last summer as he just recovered from rotator cuff surgery last Fall. Glad to have you back, Danny!

The Shelby County Deer Hunters Association membership hosted a delicious steak dinner with all the trimmings on Saturday evening for all the shooters.

Ted Heindselman kicked-off his winning weekend in winning Saturday morning’s LV100 agg with a tiny .1544” aggregate. Special Congrats to new shooter, Brian Robinson, in shooting his match, and shooting his first Screamer .093” Group. Well done, Brian!

I also wish to recognize Tim Humphreys for shooting a .032” group, small group of the LV100 agg, and the smallest group shot in the Eastern Region YTD.
Great job, Tim!

Here are the Top 5 winners:
1. Ted Heindselman: .1544”
2. Tim Humphreys: .1678”
3. Carl Thompson: .1794”
4. DeWayne Wood: .1948”
5. Dominic Grunas: .2088”

After a great lunch put on by the many Shelby County member volunteers, including lots of Pie, the mild conditions continued in the afternoon for the HV100 aggregate which brought several teens aggregates.

Here are the Top 5 winners:
1. Jack Neary: .1450”
2. Robert Fairbanks: .1916”
3. DeWayne Wood: .1974”
4. Steve Theye: .2040”
5. Dave Simons: .2172”

Sunday morning’s HV200 aggregate brought an increase in tricky winds forcing everyone is pay close attention in getting started at the right time…

Our favorite, little 89 years young, Energizer Bunny, Stan Buchtel, shot a little .157” just to show us he can still turn it on when he wants to at 200 yards!
Great job, Stan!

Tim Bassham showed-off his great skill-set in winning the HV200 aggregate with fine .2148” agg. Well done, Tim!
Here are the Top 5 winners:

1. Tim Bassham: .2148”
2. Carl Thompson: .2178”
3. Ted Heindselman: .2189”
4. Tim Humphreys: .2336”
5. Danny K. Pritt: .2354”

Here are the top 10 winners in the HV Grand Aggregate:
1. Tim Bassham: .2191”
2. Jack Neary: .2259”
3. Tim Humphreys: .2276”
4. Robert Fairbanks: .2278”
5. Danny Pritt: .2448’
6. Ted Heindselman: .2495”
7. Carl Thompson: .2518”
8. Steve Theye: .2545”
9. Lacy Tlley: .2555”
10. Stan Buchtel: .2589”

On to the LV200 aggregate…

Ted Heindselman showed why he’s one of the very best in the Eastern Region in winning the LV200 agggregate with a good .2291” agg. Well done, again, Ted!

Here are the Top 5 winners:
1. Ted Heindselman: .2291”
2. Tim Bassham: .2342”
3. Paul Whitt: .2473”
4. Robert Fairbanks: .2575”
5. Jack Neary: .2619”

Here are the Top 10 winners in the LV Grand Aggregate:
1. Ted Heindselman: .1918”
2. Tim Bassham: .2287”
3. Carl Thompson: .2313”
4. Paul Whitt: .2378”
5. Jack Neary: .2413”
6. Robert Fairbanks: .2469”
7. DeWayne Wood: .2469”
8. Danny Pritt: .2624”
9. Lacy Tilley: .2653”
10. Tim Humphreys: .2686”

Here are the Top 10 winners in the 2-Gun Grand Aggregate:
1. Ted Heindselman: .2206”
2. Tim Bassham: .2239”
3. Jack Neary: .2336”
4. Robert Fairbanks: .2373”
5. Carl Thompson: .2416”
6. Tim Humphreys: .2481”
7. Paul Whitt: .2493”
8. Danny Pritt: .2536”
9. DeWayne Wood: .2578”
10. Lacy Tilley: .2604”

Congratulations to Ted Heindselman and to all the winners! Great shooting, guys!

A special thanks to Match Director, John Petteruti, Range Master, Jerry Seitz, the Target crew and the entire Shelby County membership for hosting another great match!

A very big thank you to the Eastern Region shooters whom supported this annual great match!

Please plan on attending our next match at Shelby County, the Fall Finale match, on October 20th and 21st!

Jack Neary
N.B.R.S.A. Eastern Region, Director