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Thread: Feelin' good, kinda' proud of me'self

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben H View Post
    What does this refer to: "sides blown out to .010 tpi"?

    Looks like you've done great job!

    Ben, having built dozens of wildcats over the years I generally now adhere to two rules;
    -#1, on any round with a "long" shoulder I initially set the shoulder angle at 35*
    -#2, I set the body taper to no more than .010 tpi because it just WORKS

    The ".010 tpi" reference means ten thousandths Taper Per Inch. The parent 338LM case has a ton of body taper, it looks almost like a big 22-250 case. And while they feed well from magazines, cases with too much body taper end up being more 'sticky' or harder to extract than cases with nearly parallel sidewalls. The end result of my modifications results in a slightly larger, much more tractable case that looks more like a stretched 338 Norma Mag, but with a 35* shoulder.

    I call it the 338 McCallum

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    Thumbs up Thanks!


    Thanks for the explanation! It's much appreciated and is why I hang out here to learn as much as I can.

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    'Personal satisfaction' at a job well done feels nice.


    It is even better when you get paid to do it.

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