Fellow Smallbore Competitors:

The ASSA Leadership is pleased to announce that Champion Shooters Supply, LLC. is a major sponsor of the 2018 ASSA National Championships scheduled for July 7-13 at The Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, OH.

Champion Shooters Supply, LLC. is a family business founded by Carl and Sandra Jooss in 1972. For over 45 years, they have been a source of a wide variety of competitive shooting equipment, ammunition, accessories and clothing for rifle and pistol competitors from beginner level to national champions. They also own the line of Freeland shooting products since 1991

The Champion Shooters Supply, LLC. main retail location is located in Utica, OH and an additional location is in the process of being added at The Cardinal Center in Marengo, OH. At either location, shooters, coaches and parents can rest assured that they will receive excellent service by fellow competitors with decades of experience from the selection of rifles and accessories to ensuring the proper fit of a new shooting jacket.

In addition to their Utica and Marengo locations, Champion Shooters Supply, LLC. has been a fixture on Camp Perry’s Commercial Row for over 45 years.

Carl and Sandra have since retired from running the day to day operations with Todd Wielinski now fully engaged in leading the family business.
For additional information on the 2018 ASSA National Championships and to access the portal for on-line match entry, visit our web site at:


The ASSA leadership is excited to be working together with Champion Shooters Supply to grow conventional smallbore prone and position competition in the United States and look forward to seeing you at YOUR 2018 National Championships.

Best Regards,