Had 7 show up for Fathers Day shoot. It was a gloomy morning with light breeze. It was nice to have Matt and Mary joining us for the shoot. Doug was out of town.

Match 1 Results,
1) Vipha Miller, 245-11x,243-12x, 247-5x, = 735-23x

2) Bob Braybill, 235-3x, 240-6x, 241-4x, = 716-13x

1) Kim Zussman, 247-16x, 248-8x, 246-9x, = 741-32x

2) Dennis Kunkel, 235-2x, 248-8x, 248-10x, = 731-20x

3) Mary Kellerman, 242-10x, 242-10x, 241-2x, = 725-22x

4)John Meyer, 238-7x, 235-3x, 240-4x, = 713-14x

1) Matt Kellerman, 225-2x, 241-4x, 241-3x, = 717-9x

Match 2 Results,
1) Kim Zussman, 247-8x, 249-13x, 249-13x, = 745-34x

2) Vipha Miller, 249-9x, 240-5x, 249-7x, = 738-21x

3) Bob Graybill, 243-7x, 242-6x, 244-9x, = 729-22x

4) Mary Kellerman, 237-3x, 245-8x, 244-4x, = 726-15x

5) John Meyer, 246-5x, 239-6x, 233-3x, = 718-14x

1) Dennis Kunkel, 229-3x, 240-5x, 244-8x, = 713- 16x

2) Matt Kellerman, 249-9x, 243-6x, 219-1x, = 711-16x

Thank you for your support, and thank you Tim for the scoring.

Next Match July 15th.