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Thread: Union County Memorial Match

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    Union County Memorial Match

    As usual, the folks at Union County put on a first class shoot this past weekend. Hopefully someone can post the full results, but Kevin Donalds Sr. took the Two Gun wood home with him!

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    union county memorial match

    Saturday was beautiful Sunday we drowned IT was rough but most of the shooters stayed to the end.
    I'm still trying to dry out. all in all a great match even with the weather. bless those kids on the target crew , They did a wonderful job

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    thank you all,
    we are very fortunate to have such a great crowd of folks who shoot with us
    makes all the effort worth while
    now sundays monsoon sure stretches the will a bit but we did get through it wow!!!
    Monday our rain guage showed 3 1/2 inches
    thanks again to all mark

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