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Thread: Harrison Match Results - 9 June

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    Harrison Match Results - 9 June

    We held our second VFS match of the season on 9 June. We had three classes. Winners as follows...

    Factory Class

    Doug Mulder 245 - 8X
    Elton Rountree 227 - 2X
    Jim Guinn 224 - 1

    Custom Class

    Dudley Pierce 250 - 19X
    Jim Dyke 250 - 14X
    Ryan Tgiros 244 - 7X

    Varmint for Score

    Rob Fairbanks 250 - 24X
    Jim Hutchison 250 - 23X
    Larry Gage 250 - 23X

    The scorer (me) made a massive screw-up when totalling the final scores and gave the wrong prizes to two people. The above is the correct scores. My apologies to the shooters involved. It appears we need a younger and less senile scorer.

    The predicted rain never showed up, the winds were gentle and we had a nice day for a match. Fairbanks travelled a long way from his home on the Northeast shore of our Lower Pennisula and shot great. Almost all his shots were wipe-outs.

    Next match is VFS on 23 June. See you there.


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    Thank you, Dick and Harrison.
    We ran through rain in getting there and we ran through rain going home.
    And nary a drop fell upon our targets.
    Is that scheduling or what?

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