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I also have a VHS of it given to me by the welding instructor who taught night classes at the local JC back in the 80's.
He was a former Marine and certified gun nut so we hit it off quite well. He taught me how to TIG and I took care of him on a few things,
so he let me come in and use the machines when there was no class. Probably couldn't get away with that these days.
Hell they probably don't even teach Machine Technology courses there any more.
I may have to dig it out and make some DVD's of it.
Sure brought back memories of how fascinating it was when I was getting started in machining,
and certainly spurred my ongoing interest in firearms related machine practices.
Over 35 years later there is still no place I'd rather be then standing in front of one of the machines, learning something I didn't know yesterday.
I couldn't agree more

And I too have been blessed by folks who went over and above, "hit it off" as it were.

And paying it forward is also very rewarding. It's a Good Time To Be Alive