Six or seven years ago I took 3 what was good shooting rifle barrels now shot out from 3 different top barrel makers. Marked a straight line on the outside of each barrel then cut them into four inch lengths. What I found was they all had more than one curve, donít really remember the numbers in thousands of the bow of the curves. That is why from that day forward I always indicated both the Chamber end and the Muzzle end 2.5 to 3 plus inches into the bore as I cut them and let the other end go wild. I want the Throat and Chamber along with the Crown to be as straight to the Bore as I can get them.

One time I cut the muzzle end off 5 or 6 inches to crown the new chambered barrel and found the bore was off center too much and called the maker they sent me a new barrel and said two trash the bad barrel.
Note: This was a light weight barrel around .650 at the finished crown and it showed up in the finish crown.