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Thread: VihtaVuori/Lapua Rifle Tuning Seminar at the Super Shoot!

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    VihtaVuori/Lapua Rifle Tuning Seminar at the Super Shoot!


    With the continued support of VihtaVuori Powder and Lapua reloading components, I will be conducting a VihtaVouri/Lapua Rifle Tuning clinic on Saturday May 19th at 6:00PM at the Pistol Range at Kelbly's Rifle Range, in preparation for the start of this year's Super Shoot!

    All shooter's are welcome! There is NO cost to attend this VihtaVuori/Lapua tuning seminar!

    At the end of my tuning seminar, I will be raffling off some VihtaVuori N133 Powder!

    This will be a very good opportunity to learn a number of new tuning skills and shooting techniques that will improve your shooting and results at this year's Super Shoot and beyond!

    I will be covering the following VihtaVouri tuning, Lapua .220 Russian case-prep and comprehensive match-strategy topics during my session:

    - Proper neck-turning and prepping your Lapua .220 Russian cases
    - Full-length die/Headspace set-up and maintenance of your Lapua .220 Russian Cases
    - How to tune and maintain the tune of your rifle!
    - Tuning for different conditions with N133 Powder
    - Interpreting your bullet hole shapes and....the formation of your groups
    - Understanding and using mirage as a wind-reading tool
    - Proper Front and Rear bag construction and set-up
    - Proper bench set-up and gun-handling skills and drills!
    - Beginner and advanced match strategies...
    - Open Q/A......

    Looking forward to seeing everyone again at Kelbly's Saturday evening!

    Best Regards,

    Jack Neary ~ Team Lapua

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    Jack will this be videoed . I would like to see but can not attend supershoot .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajshooter View Post
    Jack will this be videoed . I would like to see but can not attend supershoot .
    There is a set of videos on YouTube of Jack giving an earlier Vihtavuori/Lapua rifle tuning seminar when the Nationals was at Kansas City. is a link to the first video.

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