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Thread: 30th Annual Hog Roast Match Recap

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    30th Annual Hog Roast Match Recap

    Warm weather greeted the 84 shooters whom attended last weekend’s 30th Annual Hog Roast match at the Fairchance Rod and Gun Club in Smithfield, PA. Spring finally arrived as shooters enjoyed sunny weather in 70’s and low 80’s during the practice days prior to the weekend start of this year’s Hog Roast. The warm weather felt great!

    This year’s Hog Roast is the 3rd U.S. World Team qualifying match of the year and certainly offered shooters the opportunity to pick up some much needed world team points!

    Fairchance’s new leadership team comprised of Jim Hartman ~ President, Gary Hittie ~ VP, Nestor Hernandez ~Treasurer and John Guthrie ~ Recording Secretary were all on-hand the entire weekend to meet and greet each of the shooter’s and to ensure everyone had a great time.

    Everyone was very impressed with Fairchance’s well-organized operation, immaculate grounds and keen support from the entire Fairchance membership. Under President Jim Hartman’s stewardship of the Fairchance club, I’m sure the best is yet to come! Well done, everyone!

    On to the match…

    Saturday morning greeted the shooters with very benign wind conditions for Spring at the Hog Roast. For many shooter’s the light winds posed a bit of a tuning challenge, as winds during Friday’s practice were quite switchy and very challenging to say the least…

    Dave Bruno (AKA…Monkey Boy) came out of hibernation to master the mild conditions to win the LV100 with a tiny little .1432” aggregate. Great job, Davey!

    Here are the top 5 LV100 aggs…
    1. Dave Bruno: .1432”
    2. Carl Thompson: .1548”
    3. Jeff Summers: .1756”
    4. Jeff Gaidos: .1748”
    5. Joel Vegas Nader: .1880”

    After a great lunch hosted by the hard-working Fairchance kitchem staff, the winds returned…

    Carl Thompson put on a little clinic of how to shoot the 3 o’clock afternoon cross-winds by winning the HV100 with a little .1676” aggregate. Well done, Carl!

    Here are the top 5 HV100 aggs…
    1. Carl Thompson: .1676”
    2. Jeff “The Machine” Summers: .1684”
    3. Lee Hachigian: .1824”
    4. Dana English: .1830”
    5. Kevin Donalds, Sr.: .1838”

    The anticipated rains would arrive just in time after the match for us to set our flags for Sunday’s 200yd stage. The Fairchance Club also hosted a delicious Spagetti dinner for the shooter’s on Saturday evening. It was great to see and visit with everyone again after a very long winter!

    On to Sunday morning for the start of the HV200 aggregate…

    Mild winds and rain greeted the start of the HV200 aggregate. Jeff Summers started to roll over everyone in winning the HV200yd agg. with a little .1708” aggregate. I must say competition was tough as the top 12 shooters all shot teen aggregates!

    Here are the top 5 HV200 aggs…
    1. Jeff Summers: .1708”
    2. Kevin Donalds, Sr.: .1778”
    3. David Denoff: .1824”
    4. Bob White: .1867”
    5. Chris Harris: .1877” (Great job, Chris!)

    With the Heavy Varmint 200yd agg. now complete, here are the top 10 finishers in the HV Grand Aggregate with Jeff Summers winning the HV Grand with a very, very impressive .1696” Grand Aggregate…!

    Here are the top 10 finishers…
    1. Jeff Summers: .1696”
    2. Kevin Donalds, Sr.: 1808”
    3. Dana English: .1893”
    4. Joel Vegas Nader: .2008”
    5. Steve Lee: .2022”
    6. Lee Hachigian: .2030”
    7. Mark Engle: .2060”
    8. Bill McIntyre: .2085”
    9. Dave Bruno: .2090”
    10. Chris Harris: .2104”

    After another great lunch hosted by the Fairchance Club, we concluded with our last aggregate, the LV200.

    The always steady and top-performing Lee Hachigan managed to tame the ripening and switching winds in winning the LV200 aggreagte with a stellar .1797” aggregate. Super job, Lee!

    Here are the top 5 finishers in the LV200 aggregate…

    1. Lee Hachigian: .1797”
    2. Joel Vegas Nader: .1819”
    3. Wayne Campbell: .1961”
    4. Hugh/Rick Williamson: .2020”
    5. Tony Alexander: .2053”

    With the Light Varmint 200yd agg. now complete, here are the top 10 finishers in the LV Grand Aggregate with Joel Vegas Nader winning the LV Grand with a small .1849” Grand Aggregate…!

    Here are the top 10 finishers…

    1. Joel Vegas Nader: .1849”
    2. Wayne Campbell: .1945”
    3. Jeffy Gaidos: .1984”
    4. Jeff The Machine Summers: .1997”
    5. Lee Hachigian: .2036”
    6. Hugh/Rick Willamson: .2037”
    7. Carl Thompson: .2200”
    8. Mark Engle: .2207”
    9. Don Best Cuts Rossssette: ..2242”
    10. Chris Harris: .2246”

    With all the grand aggregates compiled and now totaled… I wish to congratulate Jeff Summers with his extremely impressive shooting, as the 2-Gun champion winner of the 30th Annual Hog Roast, with a tiny .1847” 2-Gun Grand Aggregate. Great performance, Jeff!

    Here are the Top 20 Finishers in the 2-Gun…

    1. Jeff Summers: .1847”
    2. Joel Vegas Nader: .1929”
    3. Lee Hachigian: .2033”
    4. Wayne Campbell: .2132”
    5. Mark Engle: 2133”
    6. Hugh/Rick Williamson: .2136”
    7. Chris Harris: .2175”
    8. Steve Lee: .2179”
    9. Bill McIntyre: .2209”
    10. Carl Thompson: .2210”
    11. Dave Bruno: .2225”
    12. Kevin Donalds, Sr.: .2245”
    13. Dana English: .2256”
    14. Don Best Cuts Rosssssettte: .2263”
    15. Paul Mitchell: .2263”
    16. Jeff Gaidos: .2277”
    17. Dean Ekstrom: .2287”
    18. Tony Boyer: .2305”
    19. Don Powell: .2316”
    20. Billy Stevens: .2339”

    A special congrats Jeff Summers and to all the top finishers! Some very great shooting, guys!

    I would also like to recognize the following new shooters whom attended the Hog Roast as their very first BR match. They each performed very well shooting lots of good groups and great experiences to add to their growing BR skill levels!

    - Dennis Boyet
    - Randy Carmichael
    - Ed Hahn
    - Tom Hartman
    - Brian Hess
    - Jim McGregor

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Hog Roast Match Director, Melissa Planiczka, our long-time friend and Range Master, Jerry Van Sickle, and the entire Fairchance membership for operating one of the very best Hog Roast matches I have attended during the past 20 years.

    Jack Neary
    N.B.R.S.A. Eastern Region, Director

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    Thumbs up Thanks Jack

    Great shoot'n Jeff,,

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    My best congratulations EVER to my traveling buddy Jeff Summers.

    I;m sorry I had missed this post and the Hog Roast or as Claude and I used to call it "the piggy thing".

    The place we had just bought on the lake, our next door neighbor is a Jeff Summers (from Rochester New York!).

    Thanks Jack.


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    Thumbs up

    My congratulations to my bud Jim McGregor for a very respectable finish. Especially considering this was his first Hog Roast competition ever …. shooting against some of the best in the "business".


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