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Thread: 222 match

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    222 match

    I bought an old school 40X br gun in 222 and have had a lot of fun shooting it. Finally able to shoot in 1's for first time in my life but the thing really fouls quickly. A good cleaning and borescoping reveals the Hart rot about mid bbl across a couple of the 6 grooves. I will continue to shoot it but the picture of that ss wormpath in my head will be a problem. My question is if I rebarrel do any of the old smiths reading this have a classic .242 neck deuce reamer they don't need anymore. Another option is a new custom reamer in deuce or 223. Does the 223 in match config compete with the 222? I shoot the 223 with 90vld's in mr and lr matches and like it but have never investigated it in a BR config. Any experiences with it or the 222x35 would be appreciated.
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    Unless you have dome need for the extra capacity i would stick with 222.
    They did hot rod and use mod 222 mag cases but as you know 222 shoots.

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