Well another season gets off to a great start for ABRA here at Cado Rifle and Pistol Club! Starting off with a 3 card match , first card was lead off with a high card of 192 shot by Eddie Robertson, following in close pursuit was Robert Eaton with a 191, Jerry Smith and Joey Cormier with a190, Jimbo Carrell 187 Don Watson Sr 182, mike Drummund rounding out 7th with a 184! 2nd card was very close Eddie Robertson was still in command though 2nd through 5th still had a chance of taking the lead in the 3rd card. In the 3rd card Eddie was taking no chances and shot high card with a very good 192, leaving 2nd through 4th to battle it out with each of them shooting a final total of 568 to Eddie's final score of 575 clinching the overall VICTORY! 2nd ,3rd, and 4th were decided by a card shoot out Jerry Smith got 2nd place with a high card in round 2, Robert Eaton got 3rd and Joey Cormier 4th, Don Watson Sr 5th, Jimbo Carrell 6th and Mike Drummond rounding out 7th. All in all a very enjoyable match! Just to add a note Eddie Robertson did it again by setting a new semi auto record in the regular Cado match with a great target scoring a 250 with 17 center x's a record I am sure will be very, very hard to beat! Rodney Eaton shot a good match in the factory class wining hands down with a score of 513! Until the next match aim high and shoot straight.