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Thread: Open Grove Results 3-11-2018

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    Open Grove Results 3-11-2018

    Open Grove’s March USARB shoot was difficult after the rains with really switchy wind. But the day turned out to be very nice and not too cold.

    Match 1 Light Varmint: Vipha beat the boys again; Heavy Varmint by Kim Zussman; Open by Kory Zussman
    Match 2 Heavy Varmint was won by Kim Zussman and Open by Kory Zussman

    Thanks Kim, Dennis & Vipha as always for the goodies. Thanks to Tim McMurray for bringing hot-air and scoring the targets with Joe!

    As always thank you Joe F. for your generosity.

    Open Grove USARB Match 1 3/11/2018
    Class Name Score-X Score-X Score-X Total-X Place
    LV Vipha Miller, 245-6x, 244-8x, 244-3x = 733-17x 1 Thomas
    LV Dennis Kunkle, 239-3x, 242-6x, 243-10x = 724-19x 2 AA 900
    LV Doug Miller, 242-2x, 240-6x, 241-9x = 723-17x 3 Steyr

    HV Kim Zussman, 244-7x, 248-8x, 245-14x = 737-29x 1 BM500
    HV Lou Fontana, 244-6x, 246-6x, 246-9x = 736-21x 2 Thomas
    HV Bob Greybill, 246-11x, 242-4x, 245-10x = 733-25x 3 BM500
    HV John Meyer, 247-10x, 239-6x, 244-10x = 730-26x 4 USFT
    HV Dave Spagnolo, 231-3x, 231-3x, 226-2x = 688-8x 5 AR 20

    OP Kory Zussman, 219-2x, 227-2x, 230-4x = 676-8x 1 HM1000

    Open Grove USARB Match 2 3/11/2018
    Class Name Score-X Score-X Score-X Total-X Place
    HV Kim Zussman, 248-11x, 247-12x, 246-7x = 741-30x 1 BM500
    HV Doug Miller, 243-6x, 243-6x, 249-8x = 735-20x 2 Thomas
    HV Vipha Miller, 241-6x, 245-9x, 246-7x = 732-22x 3 Thomas
    HV Lou Fontana, 245-8x, 242-10x, 242-3x = 729-21x 4 Thomas
    HV Dennis Kunkle, 243-10x, 244-5x, 241-7x = 728-22x 5 BM500
    HV Bob Greybill, 245-7x, 239-5x, 242-4x = 726-16x 6 BM500
    HV John Meyer, 246-3x, 239-6x 234-6x = 719-15x 7 USFT
    HV Dave Spagnolo, 234-5x, 225-1x, 233-4x = 692-10x 8 AR 20

    OP Kory Zussman, 231-2x, 235-3x, 221-2x = 687-7x 1 HM1000

    Thanks everyone, good shootin! Next Match April 15.

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