1st USARB Open Grove matches for 2018 were tough with gusty switchy winds.

Match 1 Light Varmint was taken Doug Miller; Heavy Varmint by Kim Zussman.
Match 2 Heavy Varmint was won by Kim Zussman; and Doug had to tough time winning Open Class!

Thanks Kim, Dennis & Vipha for the goodies. Thanks to Matt Kellerman for helping stranded Tim McMurray. Thanks to Tim McMurray for taking the long drive for the team.
Thank you Joe F. for the awesome range & expert scoring.

Open Grove USARB Match 1
1) LV Doug Miller, 238-3x, 244-6x, 239-6x = 721-15x
2) LV Vipha Miller, 235-1x, 239-7x, 238-5x = 712-13x
3) LV Dennis Kunkle, 232-3x, 235-2x, 233-5x = 700-10x

1) HV Kim Zussman, 247-11x, 246-7x, 246-11x = 739-29x
2) HV Wayne Morimoto, 244-5x, 249-15x, 242-8x = 735-28x
3) HV Bob Greybill, 237-3x, 238-5x, 239-2x = 714-10x
4) HV Lou Fontana, 240-4x, 248-9x, 200-2x = 688-15x

Open Grove USARB Match 2
1) HV Kim Zussman, 248-7, 247-13x, 249-10 = 744- 30x
2) HV Lou Fontana, 245-5x, 246-8x, 244-7x = 735-20x
3) HV Vipha Miller, 244-7x, 244-5x, 243-5x = 731-17x
4) HV Bob Greybill, 243-12x, 241-9x, 243-9x = 727-30x
5) HV Dennis Kunkle, 241-6x, 242-5x, 244-8x = 727-19x
6) HV Wayne Morimoto, 243-5x, 238-8x, 245-6x = 726-19x

1) OP Doug Miller, 247-11x, 237-2x, 245-7x = 729-20x

Next Match March 11,

Good shootin!

Lou F.