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Thread: AZBRS - 2018 LV-HV AZ State Championships Results

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    AZBRS - 2018 LV-HV AZ State Championships Results

    Thank you to all the shooters that came out this weekend for the second half of the 2018 AZ State Championships. This weekend was the Light Varmint and Heavy Varmint leg of our State Championships, and combined with the January Sporter and Unlimited aggs to create a 3 and 4 gun.

    Both practice days saw great weather. We had cool mornings and warm afternoons with very little wind throughout. Shooters got to relax and enjoy the great Arizona weather while testing out their loads. We had 26 shooters show up to practice on Thursday, then 41 total on Friday, which is a pretty good turnout for a February match.

    Saturday started with Light Varmint at 100 yards. Lowell Frei took the lead straight out of the first match with a 0.108 small group, then took small group in match 2 with a 0.134 and small group in match 3 with a 0.163. Dana Andrus took match 4 with a 0.130 and Grady Hampton took match 5 with a 0.179. Lowell’s early lead let him come out on top for the LV-100 agg with a 0.1744, followed by Dana Andrus with a 0.1918, and Larry white at 0.2040.

    In the afternoon Heavy Varmint 100 yard matches, Ed Adams took first with a convincing lead at 0.1644, followed by Paul Snow with a 0.1940, and Lowell Frei with a 0.2068. Leaving Lowell on top for the running agg going into Sunday morning.

    Sunday saw more of the same great weather. We started with Heavy Varmint 200 yards in the morning, where Lester Bruno came in 3rd with a 0.2479, Stephen Everson took 2nd with a 0.2307, and Dana Andrus took the lead with a 0.2004 in the agg. For the Light Varmint 200 yard agg, Ed Adams took 3rd with a 0.2377, Bob Brackney came in 2nd with a 0.2282, and Lester Bruno took 1st with a 0.2218.

    For the Light Varmint grand agg, Dana Andrus took 3rd with a 0.2461, Ed Adams took 2nd with a 0.2332, and Bud Mundy took 1st with a 0.2268. In the Heavy Varmint grand agg, Lowell Frei took 3rd with a 0.2280, Ed Adams took 2nd with a 0.2172, and Dana Andrus came in 1st with a 0.2137. When combined together to make our LV-HV 2-gun, Bud Mundy came in 3rd with a 0.2377, Dana Andrus came in 2nd with a 0.2299, and Ed Adams took 1st with a 0.2252.

    These scores combined with last month’s Sporter and Unlimited 5-Shot matches to create a 3 and 4-gun grand agg. In the 3-gun, Dana Andrus took 3rd place with a 0.2586, right behind Lester Bruno, who took 2nd place with a 0.2585, with Bud Mundy in 1st with a 0.2560. For our 4-gun grand agg, Bud Mundy came in 3rd with a 0.2579, Dana Andrus took 2nd with a 0.2503, and Lester Bruno had quite the lead with a 0.2368 overall grand agg which won him 1st place.

    Thanks again everyone for coming out this weekend. We look forward to seeing you again for the Cactus Classic next month on March 10-11.

    To view photos from the match, visit our flickr page at

    For more information about the Arizona Bench Rest Shooters and upcoming matches, visit our website at
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    Well done

    Great post and Photo's
    Wish more matches were posted this timely and professionally
    Congrats Ed , Bud, Lester on the wins

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    Great job by Ryan who works for Berger Bullets > excellent match. Great people.



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    What type of scope mount is being used in I believe it is picture 24 with the frozen scope.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Louis.J View Post
    What type of scope mount is being used in I believe it is picture 24 with the frozen scope.

    The first one is a Brackney with a frozen Leupold. The next picture is one of Gene Bukys, with a frozen Weaver.

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