Due to weather conditions, the 22 rifle shoot that was scheduled for tomorrow is being rescheduled to be held the following Saturday, January 20. This shoot will be an unlimited 22 rifle shoot using 50yard small bore targets placed at 100 yards..

Matches will be shot from benches which are inside a heated building through windows at outside targets that will be placed at 100 yards from the benches

- Any 22 rifle and scope may be used with your own ammunition.

- 3 Matches
- You will shoot your own ammunition, so bring your best ammo.
- $5 for Fred for use of his facilities
- $11 match entry fee per match, 3 matches
- Practice Time: 8:00a.m.
- First match starts around 9:30a.m to 10:00am.
- Will be shooting “Official 50’ Small Bore Rifle Target” at 100 yards. Each target sheet has 10 small targets plus one sighter target. One shot per individual target.
- 11 chances to win each match. Closest to center on each of the ten individual targets, plus overall score winner.
- 10 minute time limit. Unlimited sighters.
- No alcoholic beverages allowed
- No clips or loaded rounds in guns allowed until command is given
- Bring your own food and drink (pop, water, etc.)
- Any questions, please call:

Don Whitlock - 740-645-1265