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Thread: Building target posting walls for VFS matches

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    Building target posting walls for VFS matches

    I am building a new wall at our club to post the scored targets for our matches. The wall we have is a cinder block wall. I thought I would use 3/4" plywood sheets (screwed into 2x4's which will be bolted to the cinder block wall) and then screw these clips in every 18" apart.

    since we only have 12 benches, I would place 2 rows of 12 (one on top of the other) so that both targets could be seen at the same time under the "# of bench" .

    Then I thought approx. 10"-12" below the clips, I would run a tight line of twine to help hold the targets down when the wind is blowing.

    I am looking for any ideas or issues you see with this design.
    If you have any pics of what you have seen/built, please post so I can consider those before I start building mine.

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    You could just use 1X3 material and attach clips for significant savings. Also put a couple of bolts at each end and put a piece of black iron wire stretched between the bolts. Place those bolts so they catch th last 2 -3 of the target which will prevent them from blowing up from the bottom.

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    I've been to matches before that had the setup you are explaining. The system worked well but it took two people to hang the targets. One hand to open the clip, one hand to hold the "old" targets from falling out, one hand to insert the "new" target, and another hand to hold the "new" targets you still have to hang.
    Many ranges that I go to have a very simple one person set up. They have a nail pounded into a 2x4 with the head cut off and a rope/bungee cord roughly half way down the target. One person can hold all the targets in one hand - use their other to slide the "new" target behind the rope/bungee and poke the paper over the nail.

    Hope this helps

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