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Thread: Barrel block location

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbhotrod View Post
    Anybody got a pic of the rail Sierra uses to test their bullets? And do yall think it would be competitive in BR? Just curious
    Go back to my post #19 in this thread.

    If a Rail on that design will meet those requirements, then yes.

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    Gary Vincent shot a rail gun for many years that had a very small barrel block mounted at the front of the rail and then had the action supported at the receiver ring of I think a XP-100 action at the rear. I think the rear support was an adjustable wedge. It's been too long since I've seen it. Haven't seen Gary in years. He shot it very well and did well with it. I built a top for my rail gun one year where the block was in the front of the rail gun with the action and the rest of the barrel just hanging. I showed up with it at the nationals in St. Louis and hadn't shot it at home. Try as I might, I couldn't get it to shoot any better than .3's at 100 and .6's at 200. Larry Kuse looked at it and said, "Mike, we found out that didn't work years ago." Still have the top propped up against the side of my shop behind the air compressor. That big sleeve on that rail gun that Ian posted of mine shot pretty well and was pretty easy to change the barrel as the barrel was completely free floated. However, one barrel on it and I built my third rail gun with a delrin sleeved barrel block and a Stiller Diamondback drop port action. It was copied after a Jay Young rail gun and shot very well.
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    Thanks for responding yall.

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