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Thread: AZBRS - Dec 2017 Unl5 Invitational Results

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    AZBRS - Dec 2017 Unl5 Invitational Results

    The 2017 Arizona Unlimited 5-Shot Invitational took place on the weekend of December 2nd-3rd, 2017. This match consisted of 10 unlimited 5-shot matches at 100 yards, and 10 unlimited 5-shot matches at 200 yards. We had a very good turn out with 40 shooters, 8 more than the previous year. We were glad to have 6 junior shooters out this weekend as well. Thanks Lou Murdica for bringing your grandkids out. Not only did they have a great time, but we had a great time thanks to the energy they brought along. We also want to thank Cameron Snow for bringing out Shelby and Tom DeBacco for bringing out Tony.

    We began practice on Thursday and Friday with some great conditions. A bit of overcast so that it was cooler outside, but close to no wind at all until Friday afternoon. It gave shooters the ability to test out their loads without worry of their group sizes suffering too much from the wind. Which led to a lot of great groups over the weekend even though the wind picked up a little bit.

    Saturday morning, 5 minutes before the match began, the calmness in the air ended and a good amount of wind began to blow throughout the morning.. One of our resident junior shooters really brought his game this weekend, starting with getting the first two small groups! He shot hand in and with Duke Rovarino and in the end of the first 100 yard agg, Duke got a 0.1586 and tony trailed right behind him with a 0.1620 with Marty Childers at 0.1624. In total, we had 7 teen aggs for that morning even with the wind.

    Saturday afternoon the wind became a little more tolerable, leading to some really good groups again. In total we had 12 teen aggs. Tony came back again with some enthusiasm and took 1st for the second 100 yard agg with a 0.1334, followed by Larry Whites 0.1616 and Gary Ococks 0.1650.

    Sunday’s conditions were pretty good and allowed for some decent groups again. Bud Mundy took the small group in the morning with a 0.121, while Walt Berger got the small group in the afternoon with a 0.160. Some mighty fine shooting! In the morning, Bud Mundy took the first agg with a 0.1244. One of our Juniors took 2nd, Isabella Gonzalez, with a 0.1674, and she was followed very closely by Dan Sutton with a 0.1675. In the afternoon, Dana Andrus took first with a 0.1544, with George Lozano at 0.1673 and Tom Debacco at 0.1935.

    We combined the Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon matches,labelled as sporter on the score sheets, to create our first grand agg, then the other two matches labelled as Unlimited for our second grand agg. In the first agg Marty Childers took first with a 0.1893, followed by Lawrence Weisdorn with a 0.2016, and a Bob Brackney with a 0.2106. For the second agg, Bud Mundy took 1st with a 0.1571, while Tony DeBacco took 2nd with a 0.1571 as well, then Gary Ocock took 3rd with a 0.1733.

    For the 1-gun grand agg, Tony DeBacco took 1st with a 0.1878, just ahead of Marty Childers 0.1894 and Bob Brackney’s 0.1929. Everyone was extatic to see Tony take 1st, especially with as many shooters as we had. He certainly has come a long way over the past several years that he has been shooting with us and we are happy to see him grow into such a fine shooter. We combined the 1-gun grand agg from this match with the 1-gun grand agg from the Visalia invitational to create an unofficial invitational grand agg to encourage our friends from California to come out and shoot at Ben Avery. Joe Stanovich took 1st with a 0.1927, Jim Nicolas took 2nd with a 0.1935, and Gary Ocock took 3rd with a 0.1944.

    Thanks again to all of our shooters for coming out. We hope to see you again January 6-7 for the 2018 SP-Unl5 AZ State Championships.

    To view pictures of this match, visit our flickr page at

    For more information about the Arizona Bench Rest Shooters and upcoming matches, visit our website at
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    Tony is quite composed behind that rail. A real pleasure to watch him shoot.

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    Tony D.

    What a great shoot. Thanks to Berger Bullets and the weather Gods. A little wind from all directions, keeps shooters on their toes. Congratulations to Tony DeBacco on a great weekend, and Tom for putting in the time. Winter fun in Phoenix. 80 + degrees!

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