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Thread: Is there Such a Thing as a Good Lower Priced Scope ?

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    Meuller 8x32

    I put a Meuller 8x32 on my rimfire bench gun 3 weeks ago, and it is great so far. It returns to "0" after cranking in 6 MOA at 100 yds. The glass is more then clear enough. I would get the target dot reticle version as mine has the mildot and it is a little too big for tiny dot targets, but that is splitting hares I shimmed it with 0.015" feeler gauge because my setup used some of the elevation just to get to zero. I picked it up at Optics Planet for a shade over $200 with shipping included. I will buy another in a minute!

    Have fun,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wilbur View Post
    The price dictates a Weaver 36X if you wait and watch.
    Wilbur is right as usual. I have two I purchased new. One black and the other silver. The silver one was put on and zeroed for my LV shooting and removed, as it was for a back up. Never had to use it for that, and put it back in the box ( along with the Arnold jewel rings which are still on it) and never used it again. It has perhaps 2 hours on it from NIB and I am on the way out of Group shooting, so there you have it gentlemen.
    As the boys above said, for the money, you can't beat a T-36.

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