Only had 6 shooters for this match, with close shooting in the LV class. Weather was nice and want to Thank Tim and John's wife for the scoring. Thanks for the goodies to eat also.

Match 1 Results:
1) Vipha Miller, 238-4x, 243-3x, 244-7x, = 725-14x. Thomas

2) Dennis Kunkel, 239-5x, 238-3x, 247-6x, = 724-14x, AA

3) Doug Miller, 241-8x, 238-10x, 244-8x, = 723-26x, Styer

HV results:
1) Bob Graybill, 249-14x, 246-8x, 241-9x, = 736-37x, Raw

2) Lou Fontana, 242-7x, 239-3x, 243-9x, = 724-21x, Thomas

US Open Result:
1) John Meyer, 228-3x, 222-1x, 226-3x, = 676-7x, USFT

Match 2 Results:
1)Doug Miller, 245-7x, 247-12x, 249-12x, 741-36x, Thomas

2) Dennis Kunkel, 246-7x, 245-11x, 249-11x, 740-29x, Raw

3) Bob Graybill, 243-7x, 245-2x, 245-9x, = 737-18x, Raw

4) Vipha Miller, 244-10x, 246-12x, 246-15x, = 736-37x, Thomas

5) Lou Fontana, 246-8x, 243-7x, 246-9x, = 735-24x, Thomas

6) John Meyer, 220-3x, 229-5x, 225-4x, = 674-12x, USFT

Thanks again for your help, next match October 15th.