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Thread: 700 Rem Trigger Inconsistencies Help!

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    IME, the trigger inconsistencies of the Remington 700 is directly related to the whys and hows of the recall. The part inside the trigger, known as the trigger connector, can float around inside the housing. This is the part that actually disconnects the trigger from the sear. It's captive, but not to the point that it has zero movement.

    Your case is possibly different in that it was worked on previously. When I work over a 700 trigger in the past, I solder the trigger to the trigger connector, eliminating any possible movement there. If this is not done, it's likely that sear engagement is varying from shot to shot.

    With the good aftermarket triggers that are available..none of which use this trigger connector part, I prefer to simply put a known good trigger in when possible.

    My guess is that this is where the inconsistency is coming from. It is something that will have to be diagnosed by a qualified smith or by simply changing triggers.

    This trigger connector is IMO, the fault for the recall due to the fact that over time, dust, dirt, oils, etc, get between the trigger and this connector and reduce sear engagement. --Mike Ezell

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    I would venture to say that your issue is w/ mis-matched firing pin assy parts.

    Standard to ISS/J Lock firing pin parts that DO NOT interchange.

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