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Thread: 2018 Super Shoot New format and entry form

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    2018 Super Shoot New format and entry form

    Super Shoot 46 May 21 – 26 2018 will have a new format from last year.

    Monday 100 yard 10 shot Unlimited.
    Tuesday 100 yard 5 shot 10.5 lb
    Wednesday 100 yard 5 shot 13.5 lb
    Thursday 200 yard 5 shot 13.5 lb
    Friday 200 yard 5 shot 10.5 lb
    Saturday 200 yard 10 shot Unlimited

    We will have a warm up and 5 matches per day. In doing the math for those of you worried about getting practice time in for the shooters not shooting Unlimited on Monday. We will only lose about 1 hour of practice over past formats. We will set flags on Sunday at 5 pm instead of 4 pm (range will be closed till the start of Unlimited on Monday). Monday following the Unlimited competition (approx. 2 pm) we will have practice till dark (approx 9 pm). This is easier on flag setters as they will only change flags once during week. Awards for the 2 gun will be done on Friday afternoon. And for everyone’s information, the true winner of Super Shoot will be from the 10.5 lb and 13.5 lb 2 gun.

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