Picked up a couple hundred Norma 6 PPC brass from Lester at the Cactus this year. After buying a Nightforce 45X Competion scope from Lester that's about all I could buy with my remaining money. Doing some measurements and comparing it with my current brass made from Lapua .220 Russian is interesting. I am using a .268 neck and turning my brass to .011. That's what the Norma brass measures so no neck turning. Checking headspace, the Norma is about .005 short of my current brass. I measured my chamber length using a gauge and it comes to 1.514. The Norma brass measures, on average, 1.510. So, it appears that I need to trim that Norma brass some before the first firing. I trim my current brass to 1.495. Should I take off .015 right off the bat or only about .005 and trim again after the shoulder is blown out?