I just bought a new Remington 700 stainless synthetic mountain rifle in 7mm-08 made in late April 2014. This is just after the ending cutoff for the trigger recall. Out of the box, the trigger measured a consistent 4 lbs 13 oz. I backed out the external adjustment screw and there was no change, even when I backed it all the way out. Same pull weight, every time. I finally took the gun out of the stock and scraped the lacquer off the adjustment screw on the front of the trigger housing. I then backed that screw out gradually until I got it down to 2 lbs 10 oz. It passed the drop test and the safety on, pull the trigger hard and take the safety off test. It remained consistent within a few ounces and there was no creep and no over travel. Overall, a very good hunting trigger.

Don't believe those that tell you to automatically replace the trigger. If your Remington 700 was made after April 9, 2014, try this first and you may end up with a trigger you like a lot.