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Thread: 2017 Northeast Regional Results

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    2017 Northeast Regional Results

    We had a great weekend for the Northeast Regional Air Rifle Championship at the Salem Pistol and Rifle Club. Saturday was warm with temps topping out in the mid 80s. The wind was mild and steady at start time for the LV match and increased to 7-10mph, getting switchy as the day progressed into the Open 25meter match. Sundays weather was a bit warmer, 92 degrees with the weatherman calling for sustained 10-15 mph winds with gusts to 35 mph. I dont think we got to 35 mph, but the 10-15mph was pretty close to being right, which made the Open 50 yard and Springer match interesting. Each shooter moved 5 benches for every target, with everyone shooting from a different bench for every target, the only fair way to conduct a Championship match.

    Doug Miller flew in from California for the match, and Ken Hicks drove up from Florida, taking the long way to Salem with stops at Rapid Air Weapons in Tennessee and Pyramyd Air in Ohio. He picked up a few goodies there to add to the prize table which also featured a nice Walther LGR SSP rifle donated by Paul Bendix and 7 sets of rings donated by BKL. Ken Hicks won the rifle.

    I would like to thank John French for all the work he did getting the range set up early in the mornings, running the line, and for helping with the scoring, Hal Hauschild for cooking lunch for us both days, and Chris Sloan, Mark Marini and Chas DiCapua for chipping in with the scoring duties. It would be impossible for our small club to host these matches without help from the shooters!!

    Here are the scores by class, in the order we shot them:

    Todd Banks (RAW TM-1000, Leupold 40X)- 248-13X, 247-10X, 248-6X = 743-29X
    Ken Hicks (borrowed EV-2, Sighton Sii)- 246-8X, 246-10X, 241-7X = 733-25X
    Doug Miller (Steyr, Sightron)- 246-9X, 241-6X, 246-7X = 733-22X
    Paul Bendix (Thomas, Weaver T-36)- 243-4X, 236-2X, 238-3X= 717-9X
    Mark Marini (Thomas, Leupold))- 245-7X, 232-3X, 238-3X= 715-13X
    Nathan Thomas (Hammerli AR20FT, Bushnell, first BR match) 240-6X, 233-3X, 239-4X= 712-13X
    Stuart Spector (RAW BM-500, Leupold)- 239-6X, 231-3X, 241-7X= 711-16X
    Ed Hosier( Thomas, Weaver)- 235-5X, 235-0X, 241-8X= 711-13X
    Eric Brewer (Hammerli AR20FT, Sightron, first BR match)- 234-3X, 236-3X, 233-3X= 703-9X
    Chris Sloan ( AA S400 MPR, MTC)- 225-2X, 236-2X, 236-5X= 697-9X
    Art Binley (Thomas, Sighton)- 206-3X, 231-3X, 194-4X= 631-10X

    Open 25 meters
    Todd Banks (RAW TM-1000X, Sightron Siii)- 247-8X, 248-6X, 248-12X= 743-26X
    Doug Miller (Thomas, Sightron Siii)- 244-4X, 248-8X, 246-14X= 738-26X
    Ken Hicks (Raw BM-500, Sightron Siii)- 242-6X, 246-11X, 246-6X= 734-23X
    Mark Marini (Thomas, Leupold)- 241-7X, 244-9X, 246-8X= 731-24X
    Chas DiCapua (RAW TM-1000, Sightron Siii)- 241-5X, 244-8X, 243-8X= 728-21X
    Paul Bendix (Thomas, Weaver T-36) 242-9X, 239-4X, 244-9X= 725-22X
    Chris Sloan (RAW TM-1000, Athlon), 239-2X, 242-9X, 242-4X = 723-15X
    Ed Hosier (Thomas, Weaver)- 233-6X, 241-6X, 244-8X= 718-20X
    Sam Wolkoff (Cricket, Sightron)- 229-2X, 227-5X, 241-7X= 697-14X
    Robert Fisher (RAW TM-1000, Sightron)- 235-3X, 225-2X, 216-0X= 676-5X
    Stuart Spector (RAW TM-1000, Hawke)- 217-2X, 217-2X, 229-2X= 663-6X
    Nathan Thomas (Marauder, Athlon)- 213-2X, 201-1X, 220-2X= 634-5X

    Todd Banks (RAW TM-1000X, Sightron Siii)- 249-16X, 249-13X, 248-12X= 746-41X
    Ken Hicks (RAW BM-500, Sightron Siii)- 249-10X, 248-9X, 245-6X= 742-25X
    Ed Hosier (Thomas, Weaver)- 250-12X, 247-5X, 245-7X= 742-23X
    Mark Marini (Thomas, Leupold)- 249-12X, 246-9X, 243-8X= 738-30X
    Chas DiCapua (RAW TM-1000, Sightron Siii)- 248-9X, 246-7X, 244-6X= 738-22X
    Doug Miller (Thomas, Sightron Siii)- 246-9X, 243-4X, 244-7X= 733-20X
    Art Binley (Thomas, Sightron Siii)- 246-10X, 247-13X, 235-5X= 728-28X
    Paul Bendix (Thomas, Weaver)- 248-14X, 236-5X, 243-8X= 727-27X
    Chris Sloan (RAW TM-1000, Athlon)- 240-7X, 240-5X, 229-0X= 709-12X
    Robert Fisher (RAW TM-1000X)- 244-6X, 222-1X, 231-3X= 697-10X
    Nathan Thomas (Hammerli AR20FT, Bushnell)- 234-2X, 239-2X, 222-1X= 695-5X
    Sam Wolkoff (Cricket Bullpup, Sightron)- 232-3X, 228-2X, 230-5X= 690-10X
    Bill Day (HW100S, Nikko Diamond)- 236-6X, 224-2X, 227-1X= 687-9X

    Open 50 Yards
    Paul Bendix (Sumo, Weaver)- 226-2X, 216-2X, 218-5X= 660-9X
    Doug Miller (Thomas, Sightron)- 232-7X, 209-4X, 218-4X= 659-15X
    Todd Banks (RAW TM-1000X, Sightron Siii)- 230-5X, 204-3X, 219-4X= 653-12X
    Sam Wolkoff (Cricket, Sightron)- 204-3X, 192-3X, 207-4X= 603-10X
    Chas DiCapua (RAW TM-1000, Sighton Siii)- 187-0X, 206-3X, 179-0X= 572-3X
    Ken Hicks (Rapid, Weaver T-36)- 188-0X, 179-2X, 180-4X= 547-6X


    Bill Day (FWB 300S, Air Force)- 228-2X, 207-1X, 222-3X= 657-6X
    Nathan Thomas (FWB 300S, Bushnell) -214-3X, 220-4X, 221-3X= 655-10X
    Eric Brewer (AA TX200 SR)- 204-0X, 187-0X, 203-2X= 594-2X

    Thanks once again to everyone who attended the match and to all that helped out! Next outdoor match at Salem is Sat., July 1st.
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    Congratulations for all the high scores

    and especially to Todd Banks. Who not only organized this match (and the upcoming Nationals), but also WON LV, HV, and Open!


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    Outstanding Shooting!

    Outstanding results for some extreme wind conditions, congrats to all...


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    Question: Did something happen during the transferring process for the results?

    I was just over on the USARB website looking at the NE Regional Results for 2017 and nowhere did Todd Bank's name appear even though from the looks of things he pretty much walked away with the overall win.

    Just curious.

    Dave Shattuck

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    No Mistake

    While I'll continue to sanction Salem as a USARB club for the few shooters who attend our matches, I choose not to participate in the Scoreline. I'll shoot you an email to explain why when I get a chance.

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    42.7N 71.6W ie; 1/4 mile south of NH & stuck in MA

    Maybe not, but my question came after viewing the Championship Results, not the Scoreline, and you weren't listed for the NE Regionals?

    As I said, just curious.


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    i don't understand ? isn't scoreline and USARB the same thing ?
    is there something wrong with Scoreline ?
    i have seen your scores listed there
    you are too good of a shooter to not participate
    maybe the rest of us would like to know why you don't want to participate ?


    Quote Originally Posted by Renegade View Post
    While I'll continue to sanction Salem as a USARB club for the few shooters who attend our matches, I choose not to participate in the Scoreline. I'll shoot you an email to explain why when I get a chance.
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    I would suggest that Todd has made a personal decision. He is not abandoning the USARB. He simply does not want to post scores at this time. He does not owe anyone an explanation. Let's respect his decision & privacy. Todd, no need to respond to this thread.


    Steve W.

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