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Thread: Carrying case for Sinclair rest?

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    Carrying case for Sinclair rest?

    Transporting heavy benchrests is a minor problem for those of us old enough to be bothered by upper-extremity arthritis, as well as for anyone who wants to carry his rest on a plane.

    I'm looking for suggestions on a hopefully-inexpensive hard case that is fairly good for toting a Sinclair Competition Shooting Rest.

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    I use a Pelican case for my front rest.
    I have seen some folks who dont travel far use wooden "milk" crates. Some even have nice wooden boxes they have made to hold them.
    Guess it depends on how strong you want the case.

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    Pelican case with wheels and handle

    Pelican makes a case and you can configure the foam interior to your design and they will produce it too.

    Not 100% on the size, but has wheels and extending handle, figure something like this would be perfect for a rest.

    Sinclair used to sell a SKB case that was yellow and sized for a front rest, bought one of those and happy with it. Holds a rest and rear bag.

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