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Thread: 2017 Unl5 Season Closing Match and AZBRS Ironman Results

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    2017 Unl5 Season Closing Match and AZBRS Ironman Results

    We would like to thank all of the shooters that came out to the Arizona Bench Rest Shooters matches this season. Our season began in October of 2016 with the NBRSA Nationals and ended on April 1-2, 2017 with our Unlimited 5-Shot Season Closing Match. We saw 22 shooters come out for our last match of the season, which we celebrated by providing free pizza and soda for lunch. This match combined with the rest of the matches of the season to create the AZBRS Ironman, which combines your 6 best scores from the 7 matches of our season to get an Ironman Agg.

    The weather this weekend brought some challenging wind that switched direction quite a bit, as Ben Avery is known for. The temperature was nice and the sky clear for the most part. The unlimited matches started off with Doc Marsh getting a screamer in the first match with a 0.098. Dave Woodward shot a very tight group in Match 3 with a 0.051” earning him small group for the morning agg. We submitted this group to the scoring committee since it was so close to the current record. For the morning’s 100 yard agg Bob Brackney came in 3rd overall with a 0.1804” agg, with Gary Ocock in 2nd with a 0.1794” and Dana Andrus taking a lead with a 0.1692”.

    In the afternoon, Doc Marsh took the lead again with a 0.080” group right out the door in Match 1. Brad Jensen took small group for the afternoon agg with a 0.076” in Match 3. In the afternoon aggregate, James Coulter took 3rd place with a 0.1936”, Brad Jensen took 2nd with a 0.1798”, and Chuck Miller finished 1st with a convincing lead at 0.1664”.

    Sunday the wind was a bit trickier. However, we did end up with some decent teen aggregates. In the morning agg, Dave Woodward took 3rd place with a 0.1904”, Chuck miller took 2nd with a 0.1745”, and Tom Libby came in 1st with a 0.1588”. In the afternoon agg, Doc Marsh came in 3rd with a 0.2402”, Bob Brackney took 2nd with a 0.2351”, and Dave Woodward came in 1st with a 0.1849”.

    In the end, we combined the Saturday Morning matches with the Sunday Afternoon matches to get Grand Agg 1 and The Saturday Afternoon matches with the Sunday Morning matches to get Grand Agg 2. For Grand Agg 1, Dana Andrus took 3rd with a 0.2142”, Bob Brackney came in 2nd with a 0.2078”, and Dave Woodward got 1st place with a 0.1919”. For Grand Agg 2, Dave Woodward came in 3rd with a 0.2012”, Tom Libby took 2nd with a 0.1872”, and Chuck Miller came in 1st with a 0.1705”. When combined to a 1-Gun Grand Agg, Chuck Miller came in 3rd with a 0.2155”, Dana Andrus took 2nd with a 0.2096”, and Dave Woodward came in 1st with a good lead at 0.1966”.

    In the Ironman Grand Agg, Bud Mundy took 3rd place with a 0.2638”, Larry White came in 2nd with a 0.2533”, and Bob Brackney took 1st with a 0.2460”. In the Ironman Hall of Fame Grand Agg, Lester Bruno took 1st with a 0.2417”. Keep in mind that these aggs are across an entire season of matches. Great shooting all around guys! Special mention goes out to Tony DeBacco. He was the only junior shooter who made it onto the Ironman Aggregate list by showing up to almost every match this season.

    We have a lot of fun out here at Ben Avery holding these matches. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again next October when our 2017-2018 season kicks off. Dates for next year’s matches will be posted up on our website soon.

    To view pictures of this match, visit our flickr page by clicking here.

    For more information about the Arizona Bench Rest Shooters, visit our website at
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