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Thread: Salem Indoor Results 3/19, another 750 for Chas Dicapua

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    Salem Indoor Results 3/19, another 750 for Chas Dicapua

    We had a good morning at Salem yesterday with 5 shooters in attendance for our monthly announced match. Ed Hosier surprised us by showing up instead of traveling to the IR50/50 Indoor Rimfire Nationals in Virginia, and Chas Dicapua made his first trip to Salem, hot on the heels of his first USARB match and first 750 agg at Holbrook two weeks ago. They joined Salem regulars John French, Pete Roberson and I for a double match in our drafty indoor range.

    Chas got off to a good start, shooting a 250-13X on his first target, then experimented shooting with his TM-1000's moderator on, partially removed and completely removed and dropped a point on his second target and two on his third. He must have learned something from all that tweaking, coming back to shoot a 750-42X on his second set of targets. Pete, Ed and John were all testing pellets. Complete results follow:

    Match 1
    Pete Roberson- 250-8X, 245-7X, 250-10X= 745-25X
    John French- 246-7X, 236-5X, 245-12X= 727-24X

    Chas Dicapua- 250-13X, 249-13X, 248-7X= 747-33X
    Ed Hosier- 249-9X, 249-15X, 250-18X= 748-42X

    Todd Banks- 247-14X, 246-14X, 247-11X= 740-35X (Shot at LV specs)

    Match 2
    Ed Hosier- 244-8X, 244-8X, 249-9X= 737-25X
    Pete Roberson- 246-12X, 238-4X, 235-3X= 719-19X

    Todd Banks- 250-17X, 250-17X, 250-14X= 750-48X

    Chas DiCapua- 250-16X, 250-10X, 250-16X= 750-42X (Shot at HV specs)

    The next match at Salem will be Sat, April 15th. If weather permits, we may shoot outdoors instead of indoors.
    Todd Banks

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    Glad Chas made the trip to Salem.

    Congrats to Todd and Chas on both shooting 750's, and looks like Pete found some LV pellets!

    Will try to make your April 15 shoot only if it's in the double digits temperature wise!


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    Sounds like all had a good time, and that Chas may be the new force to be reckoned with. I know he did great at Holbrook 2 weeks ago.


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