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Not too long ago i placed an order to Shilen for 4 6mm 14:1 barrels. At the time taper bore 22 rim fire barrels were the rage. Doug ask me if I would like to try tapered bores for centerfire at the same price. We agreed on them shipping 2 with straight bores and 1 with 0.0005" taper and 1 with 0.001" taper. just before shipment I got a call from him explaining that never again would they offer tapered bores for the standard price. Turned out that it took considerable more time to lap a known taper since to lap a known taper required lapping, cleaning, measuring,etc. till the desired taper was accheived.

How did the tapered bores shoot compared to straight bores? I never could tell the difference!

I don't think I ever heard anything from a living soul that a taper in a CF barrel was any better.
Rimfire....entirely different animal and everybody still strives to have at least a tenth or two.
That said, it seems that there is a pretty fair effort, these days, to go with a modest amount of gain.