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Thread: And yet more on lead!

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    I remember that episode. , Copper pipes- lead solder- Oh My. But I notice that all the crud they put in the water is supposedly safe- Really? I also remember when Raw milk became the bogey man as well- I survived. Or how about the formaldehyde used in various composite building products? Can't forget the radon gas epidemic currently in session. Course the last 2 are results of sealing up homes so much tighter and the change in appliances used for heating. I am starting to wonder about the shingles shots as well - seems like all of sudden every third or fourth person I know has been hit by that- they also got the shots before hand - safe? ( I well remember the start of the flue shots back in the 70's, got talked into that one - never again) Oh well , Think I will just crawl back under my rock, likely not safe either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete Wass View Post
    there are some good tests on copper removers on YouTube. Essentially, copper and lead are difficult to remove, particularly if they become ironed in but yes, one should keep copper out the same as lead. Lapping compound is the fastest way to take either one out, using chemicals before it becomes ironed on will hasten the removal. Lapping grit removes very little barrel metal when using it on patches, just enough ): . If one has a barrel that attracts or catches copper, lapping it will not harm it as it is on it's way out.

    Can you explain the term ironed on to a newbie

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    That would be when lead starts to build up, then has several rounds run across it pressing it against the bore.

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