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Thread: 2017 LV-HV AZ State Championships Results

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    2017 LV-HV AZ State Championships Results

    The Arizona Bench Rest Shooters would like to thank everyone who came out this last weekend for the second leg of the 2017 Arizona State Championships. This weekend consisted of Light Varmint and Heavy Varmint at 100 and 200 yards. It combined with last month’s Sporter and Unlimited scores to create a 3-gun and a 4-gun.

    Practice started off with perfect weather and a few shooters eager to start practicing as soon as we set up Thursday morning. The mornings were a little chilly, but in all we had just about perfect weather until Sunday morning, when the wind kicked up quite a bit. Later into the day on Sunday it calmed back down and we saw some improvements on group sizes.

    Saturday morning started with Light Varmint 100 yard matches. Bud Mundy started the day off right with a screamer, shooting a 0.093 in the first match. Followed by William Marsh who shot a 0.089 in the second match. Bob Brackney ended up getting the small group for the gun and yardage though, with a 0.081 in the fifth match. In the Agg, Tom DeBacco took 3rd with a 0.2022, Ed Adams took 2nd with a 0.1896, and Lester Bruno came in 1st with a 0.1816.

    Saturday afternoon we shot the Heavy Varmint 100 yard matches. We had one more screamer in the afternoon in the first match, where Tom Libby shot a 0.091. In the Agg, Bob Brackney came in 3rd with a 0.2010, Tom Libby took 2nd with a 0.1994, and Stephen Everson took 1st with a 0.1956.

    Sunday started off windy and we saw a lot of groups well over an inch at 200 yards with Heavy Varmint Rifles. However, Lester Bruno didn’t let the wind get to him and started the morning off with a 0.281 in some pretty harsh conditions. This allowed him to take 3rd in the agg with a 0.2664. Joel Nader took 2nd with a 0.2623, and Bob Brackney came in 1st with a 0.2605. In the Heavy Varmint Grand Agg, Stephen Everson took 3rd with a 0.2441, Lester Bruno took 2nd with a 0.2414, and Bob Brackney took 1st with a 0.2308.

    Sunday afternoon’s Light Varmint 200 yard matches had a little bit better conditions than the morning, and we saw better groups overall even with lighter rifles. Randy Burgess came in 3rd with a 0.2534, Bud Mundy took 2nd with a 0.2335, and Lester Bruno took the lead with a 0.2208. In the Light Varmint Grand Agg Ed Adams took 3rd with a 0.2311, Bud Mundy came in 2nd with a 0.2188, and Lester Bruno came in 1st with a 0.2012.

    The Light Varmint and Heavy Varmint Grand Aggs combined into a 2-Gun Grand Agg. Larry White took 3rd with a 0.2556, Bob Brackney took 2nd with a 0.2555, and Lester Bruno had a convincing lead with a 0.2213. When adding on the Sporter from last month to create the 3-Gun, Bob Brackney came in 3rd with a 0.2493, Bud Mundy took 2nd with a 0.2450, and Lester Bruno took 1st with a 0.2244. Finally adding in the Unlimited 5-Shot matches from last month, we get the 4-Gun Grand Agg. Randy Burgess came in 3rd with a 0.2343, Bob Brackney took 2nd with a 0.2230, and In the lead we had Lester Bruno with a 0.2195.

    Thanks again to everyone who came out this month and last month. A big thanks to those who brought out junior shooters. We love to see them out at the matches. We also saw a few new faces at the range that we were happy to see and we hope that you continue to come out and visit us.

    To view pictures from this match, visit the Berger Bullets Flickr Page by clicking here.

    For more information about the Arizona Bench Rest Shooters and upcoming matches, visit our website at
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