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Thread: 2017 AZ SP-Unl5 State Championships Results

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    2017 AZ SP-Unl5 State Championships Results

    We would like to thank everyone who came out to this January’s Sporter and Unlimited 5-shot Arizona State Championships. This championship will combine with February’s to create a 3 and 4 gun aggregate. We were happy to see 35 shooters in total over this weekend, including 4 junior shooters. As always, thank you to those who brought out junior shooters; Lou Murdica brought his grandchildren, Anthony and Angelina, Chuck Miller brought his grandson Garett, and Tom DeBacco brought his son Tony.

    This weekend’s match started off windy, but then we had some of the best conditions we’ve seen at Ben Avery Shooting Facility in a while. The entire weekend went off without a hitch, which was a great considering all the wind we had to put up with in December. The match kicked off with sporter 100 yard. Brad Jensen had a screamer in match two with a 0.064. Larry White finished in the top place with a 0.1852 agg, followed behind closely by Gary Ocock’s 0.1856, with James Coulter taking 3rd place with a 0.2190.

    Saturday afternoon’s Unlimited 100 yard matches gave us some of the best conditions we’ve seen. Every single match had a screamer! In match 1 small group went to Doc Marsh with a 0.081, Match 2 Dan Sutton shot a 0.080, Match 3 James Coulter got a 0.078, Match 4 Edwin Maxwell shot a 0.097, and Match 5 ended with Dan Sutton getting a 0.088. The real star of the 100 yard agg though was local junior shooter, Tony DeBacco, who shot 3 screamers and ended with a grand agg of 0.1132! He was followed by Dan Sutton’s 0.1292 and Dana Andrus’s 0.1322. We submitted both Tony and Dan’s targets to the record committee to see how they measure. If Tony’s agg rings true upon checking, then he will have beaten the standing record by 0.0110.

    Sunday continued with great conditions and great groups. We started with Unlimited 200 yard, and Bob Brackney showed us all how it is done. Not only did he shoot small group for the day, which was 0.107, but his grand agg was 0.1036! That is 0.0197” below the current record. That made 3 possible records that we turned in this weekend. Behind him, James Coulter took 2nd with a 0.1553 and Chuck miller took 3rd with a 0.1592. For the sporter 200 yards we had Keith Cottrell in the lead with a 0.1880, followed by Lester Bruno’s 0.1969 and Bud Mundy’s 0.2124.

    At the end of Sunday, the sporter grand went to Bud Mundy with a 0.2185, with Lester Bruno in 2nd with a 0.2305 and Randy Burgess in 3rd with a 0.2332. The unlimited grand went to Bob Brackney with a 0.1442, followed by Chuck miller at 0.1479 and James Coulter with 0.1511. This weekend’s 2-gun grand agg was taken by Bob Brackney with a 0.1905, with Randy burgess right behind him at 0.1926 and James Coulter close behind with a 0.1930. All in all, this turned out to be a great weekend with some amazing groups and aggs.

    We look forward to seeing everyone again next month for the 2nd part of the Arizona State Championships, where we will finish the 3 and 4-gun by shooting Light Varmint and Heavy Varmint. This match will also be great preparation for the Cactus Classic, so make sure that you join us on February 4-5, 2017.

    To view pictures of this match, visit the Berger Bullets Flickr page by clicking here.

    For more information about the Arizona Bench Rest Shooters and upcoming matches, visit our website at
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    Do not have pictures of Anthony, Garette Miller, Brad Jenson, James Coulter, Dan Sutton, or Randy Burgess. Have a picture of William Marsh could be Bill and if they are Doc Marsh, sorry for interrupting, also have a picture of Dallen Andrus, not Dana if they are one and the same. Can be contacted at Just saying EH!!!!!!

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    That was some nice aggs in the 100 yard UL. 19 teen aggs at 100 is a pretty amazing feat as well as 14 in the grand.
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    Somewhat amazing !!!

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