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Thread: Tips on loading the .257 Roberts?

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    Tips on loading the .257 Roberts?

    Hello All:

    I restocked a 1952 FN Mauser that is chambered in the .257 Roberts. I have a large supply of various bullets and many types pf powder. I am going to start with 4895, 90 grain and 117 grain Sierra bullets I may switch to H-414 for the next tests.

    Can anybody suggest things that worked well for them when loading and shooting the Bob?



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    257 roberts

    This is 1990 data as fired in a Ruger no.1.....
    120 gr Norma SPT, 43 gr-4831 , grouped 1.25" @ 125 yd.
    90 gr Sierra hpbt, 41gr.-4064, grouped 0.75" @100 yd.
    75 gr Sierra hp, 44 gr-4064 " ditto "
    These moderate loads were most accurate.
    I was foolish to sell that gun!

    Good luck!
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    Since you already have some 4895, I'd stick with reducing that until you get the velocity you choose. Don't go below book data with H414/Win760.
    Its the ONLY powder ive ever had a hangfire with in my life.

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    In my Ruger #1 International...

    I use IMR 4064 with the Sierra 117gr. If I shoot allowing the thin 20 inch full stocked barrel to cool between shots I have never had a 100 yd. group as big as 1 inch. Three shot groups usually .5 to .7. Have had several scary small. This is with a 3-9 scope set on 9.

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    For deer hunting

    the Nosler 100 gr ballistic tip is good. As stated 4064 works as does 3031.

    However, I have a bias against the the 257 and 243...I just think the 270 on up crowd is better. I think shot placement becomes much more critical with 25 and under caliber given all the vagaries of distance estimation, wind, angle of the animal at the time of shot, solidness of the rest or no good rest. Bigger is better imo but nothing compensates for the poor judgement of a hunter to take a poor shot, but jmo.

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    I have shot deer with the Roberts 115 gr Nos Bal Tip. I have shot deer with the 270 130 gr Nos Bal Tip.
    At 40 yard and at 400 yards.
    I can't tell the difference.

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    Ken Waters or

    One of the drawbacks of my 257 Rem 722 is its built on a short action. This severely limits me in my loaded round OL. I have to seat 100 gr or longer bullets pretty deep in order to work in the short magazine and this cuts powder capacity and velocity. I think if it was a long action and I was able to take advantage of the full case capacity, with the proper bullets and higher velocity and accurate shot placement it would be a better performer. Regardless, I just am not a fan of small bores for deer or larger hunting.

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