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Thread: AZBRS 2016 Unl5 CA-AZ Invitational Results

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    AZBRS 2016 Unl5 CA-AZ Invitational Results

    The 2016 Unlimited 5-Shot Invitational began in Visalia, CA in November and ended in Phoenix, AZ with the AZBRS Unlimited 5-Shot Invitational match on December 3-4, 2016. These two matches combined to create a 1-Gun Grand Agg between both clubs. In total we had 32 shooters out this weekend and some pretty challenging conditions.

    Practice started off with great weather and wind conditions for this time of year. Shooters were able to get their loads tuned and have a very relaxing two practice days. Unfortunately, nothing good ever lasts forever. As we moved into the weekend the wind picked up drastically.

    Saturday morning the AZBRS crew arrived to find the wind had picked up quite a bit. Gusts were constant throughout the morning, and before long one of the toughest issues we have ever had to deal with came up. Our metal target frames are put into concrete foundations. The wind was so strong that it pulled the frames straight out of the ground, concrete included! That’s right; the concrete was pulled up out of the ground. Luckily we were prepared and quickly switched which benches we were shooting on this weekend and this didn’t end up delaying our day at all.

    The wind continued throughout the morning, causing quite a few shooters to back out due to conditions. As the wind calmed down in the afternoon, most of these shooters rejoined us. While conditions were challenging, we still saw some amazing groups considering. In the afternoon, one of our local junior shooters, Tony DeBacco, led the way with a .108” group straight out of match 1. He ended with a 0.1874” agg for the afternoon matches, putting him in first place for that agg.

    Sunday’s wind was much better than Saturday. The 200 yard matches went by fast and before we knew it the day was over. In the end, Jack Childers took first place with a 0.2936” agg, followed by Joe Stanovich with a 0.3061” agg and Bud Mundy with a 0.3082” agg. When you combine these results with the Visalia match, Gary Ocock finished on top with a 0.2429” grand agg, followed by Jack Childers’ 0.2556” and Joe Stanovich’s 0.2647” grand agg.

    We would like to thank everyone for coming out this weekend and sticking through the windy mornings. We hope to see you on January 7-8, 2107 for our 2017 SP-Unl5 AZ State Championship match.

    To view pictures of this match, visit the Berger Bullets flickr page by clicking here.

    For more information about the Arizona Bench Rest Shooters and upcoming matches, visit our website at

    Arizona Bench Rest Shooters
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    Red face Thanks Berger Bullets

    Thank you kind people of Berger Bullets for holding it together in Phoenix for the all UNL 5 shot, Sat morn was challenging. Gusty winds to 50 mph. Sunday was pretty nice. Coffee, donuts, Lunch and a speedy target crew that refused tips. First class operation, thank you and you are appreciated.


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