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Thread: 2016 NBRSA Group Nationals Results

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    2016 NBRSA Group Nationals Results

    The Arizona Bench Rest Shooters were proud to host the 2016 NBRSA Group Nationals on October 10th through October 15th, 2016. A big thanks goes out to all of the shooters that came out here to Ben Avery Shooting Facility to join us for this match. Ben Avery’s Bench Rest Range is known for having tricky wind, and while there was enough wind to keep shooters on their toes this week, we also had some great conditions. During practice, the wind kicked up quite a bit, and even prevented us from practicing on some days. Luckily, when it came to the match, we did not encounter any weather that slowed us down.

    The week started off with Unlimited 10 shot, where Larry Boers set the pace for the rest of the match with a 0.2024” 8 match agg and the small group of the yardage with a 0.092” group in match 5. This 0.092” 10 shot agg was submitted as a possible world record! In the agg, he was closely followed by Dave Coots with a 0.2185 and Rodney Brown with a 0.2535.

    On Tuesday morning the wind calmed down significantly and we saw some amazing shooting. Larry Costa took a commanding lead in the Sporter category with a possible world record agg of 0.1476”! He was followed by Gary Bristow’s 0.1794 and Bob Scarbrough Jr’s 0.1876. The wind kicked back up a little bit in the afternoon and groups opened back up. Lester Bruno finished on top of the Light Varmint classification with a 0.2044” agg, followed by Bud Mundy’s 0.2170 and Mark Buettgen’s 0.2172.

    Wednesday morning’s shooting conditions were amazing. In Match 1 we had 44 shooters that had teen groups! That’s right; a 0.198” group would have scored you in 45th place! Shelby Snow took a big lead in the first 3 matches, but the wind began to kick up a bit in the 4th match and in the end Bob Scarbrough took the top position with a 0.1770” agg, followed by Gene Bukys’ 0.1804 and Bud Mundy’s 0.1844. After shooting was done for the day, we headed over to our 100 yard awards ceremony, where we had a raffle table with thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes; including scopes, barrels, and plenty of Berger Bullets. In fact, we had enough prizes that everyone was able to take something home!
    Thursday was the start of our 200 yard matches. The wind kicked up a bit more this day and groups widened up a bit, but there were still some very good aggs in the end. Dave Coots took the lead with a 0.241” agg, followed by Larry Costa’s 0.2511 and Wayne Campbell’s 0.2574. When combining with Monday’s aggs, this put Dave Coots in 1st for the Unlimited 10 Shot Grand Agg with a 0.2298, followed by Larry Boers’ 0.2308 and Larry Costa’s 0.2607.

    By Friday temperatures began to come up a bit and there was a significant breeze. This didn’t stop Larry Costa from shooting yet another great sporter agg though. His 200 yard agg was another good lead at 0.1560”, followed by Wayne Campbell’s 0.1745 and Hugh Williamson’s 0.1777. When you combine these with the 100 yard aggs, Larry Costa comes out on top again with another possible world record! Larry’s Grand Agg for Sporter was 0.1518”! Great shooting Larry! He was followed by Gary Bristow with a 0.1992 and Wayne Cambell with a 0.2081.

    We finished up the match on a good note on Saturday. We had a mild hiccup with a motor malfunction on our moving backers, but Matt Schwartzkopf, our range master, caught it almost immediately. The target crew had the motor replaced in just a few minutes and everything was back on track with no other issues. Wind was a little bit tricky, but we still saw quite a few good looking groups. Larry Costa took first with a 0.2018” agg, followed by Gene Buckys’ 0.2061 and Rex Reneau’s 0.2072. When you combine these with the 100 yard results, Gene Buky’s took the lead with a 0.1933” Grand Agg, followed closely by Larry Costa’s 0.1939 and Rex Reneau’s 0.2046.

    For the team Heavy Varmint Grand Agg, BYOG took the top place with a 0.2230” Grand Agg. This team consisted of Mike Conry, Bob Scarbrough Jr, Charles Huckeba, and Gene Bukys. In 2nd place was the Honey Badgers with a 0.2251” Grand Agg. This team consisted of Tony Alexander, Larry Costa, Wayne Campbell, and Billy Stevens. In 3rd, we had Nader Schmidts with a 0.2505” Grand Agg. Bob Hamister, Joel Nader, Jackie Schmidt, and Andy Laidlaw formed this team.

    Saturday afternoon we had our final awards ceremony and lunch. We had plenty more prizes to give away as shooters joined us, and some great food as well. In the end, the 2-Gun went to Larry Costa with a 0.1949” Grand Agg, followed by Gary Bristow’s 0.2318 and Wayne Campbell’s 0.2382. Larry Costa also took home the 3-Gun Trophy with a 0.1946” Grand Agg, followed by Wayne Campbell’s 0.2367 and Gene Buky’s 0.2384. In the end, the 2016 NBRSA Group Nationals

    4-Gun winner was Larry Costa, with a convincing lead. Larry ended with a 0.2111” Grand Agg, followed by Wayne Campbell’s 0.2443 and Dave Coots’ 0.2471.

    On behalf of the Arizona Bench Rest Shooters, I would like to thank you again for joining us. It was a great honor to host these matches this past week and we sincerely hope to see you at more of our matches over the next few months. Our next match will be November 5-6, 2016 and the Cactus Classic will be on March 11-12, 2017.

    To see photos from this match, visit the Berger Bullets flickr page here.

    Want to see what the weather was like this week?

    For more information about the Arizona Bench Rest Shooters and upcoming matches, visit our website at

    Arizona Bench Rest Shooters
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