As announced during Super Shoot 44, next year we will add 2 days and bring the Unlimited back. Last shot at Super Shoot in 1988. Next years Super Shoot will start on Monday May 22 and finish Saturday May 27. The following format will be used.

May 22 Monday 10.5lb 100YD
May 23 Tuesday 13.5lb 100YD
May 24 Wednesday 13.5lb 200YD
May 25 Thurday 10.5lb 200YD Awards for first four days
May 26 Friday Unlimited 200YD
May 27 Saturday Unlimited 100YD Awards for Unlimited

If this format works out we will add a Three Gun award in 2018.

This format still allows you the competitor two days to get home and my workers will still have a two day holiday weekend. Win Win for all.

We will try to keep all unlimited shooters in first three relays. We are shooting 200 Yards first in Unlimited as to not have to move frames and flags. This also allows 200 yard flags to be put away Friday after shooting 200Yds.

This will be a test year and if all goes as I plan it will be made permanent for following years, if it does not work out we will remove unlimited and go back to weds - Sat with 10.5lb and 13.5lb classes.

We will shoot ten shot groups in Unlimited class. We will shoot a warm up and five matches for the aggregates same as the light guns. We will have cash pay outs similar to light guns.

All of you competitors wanting to get the Unlimited's out to shoot more here you go.