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Thread: 2016 Unl5 AZBRS Season Closing Match Results

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    2016 Unl5 AZBRS Season Closing Match Results

    The Arizona Bench Rest Shooters would like to thank everyone who has come out to our matches this season. On April 9-10, 2016, we shot the last match of our season, the Unl5-Unl5 Season Closing Match. In total, we had 24 shooters come out for the match.

    Practice days were a mix of conditions, with the wind changing throughout the day and even some short bursts of rain. These fully Unlimited 5-Shot matches are a great deal of fun. A lot of shooters spend a great deal of time and money building these rifles, only to have a few shoots a year where they can really compete with them. When these shoots do come around, they get to show off their hard work.

    By Saturday, the weather had cleared up and it gave us a beautiful day with good shooting conditions. Throughout the day we had seven screamers. During the first match after lunch Tom DeBacco shot a 0.078”, just to be shown up by his son, Tony DeBacco, who shot an amazing 0.049”. Tom couldn’t be happier that his son edged him out of that small group. Later in the day William (Doc) Marsh shot a spectacular 0.054”. These groups were close enough that we will be sending them in to be evaluated for possible NBRSA National Records. The current record for 100 Yard Unlimited is 0.049”, held by Bench Rest Hall of Famer Gary Ocock.

    Sunday started off nice enough, with sunny skies and good groups including Bob Brackney’s amazing 0.098” 200 yard group. The weather decided to take a complete turn on Sunday afternoon though, leading into some very heavy rain. This still did not stop the good groups from forming though, as even during the rain and wind we still saw multiple teen groups shot throughout the day.

    For the 1-Gun Grand Agg, Bob Brackney took 3rd with a 0.2005”, right behind Lester Bruno’s 0.1944”. Dana Andrus took first with a 0.1863”. Two teen aggs on a weekend like this is more than a little impressive!

    This match marked the last one of the AZBRS season, which means that it was the last match of this year’s AZBRS Ironman Aggregate. Throughout the season we combined all of our 2-Gun scores to create a running grand agg. We subtract the shooter’s lowest score from these matches and this creates the Ironman Agg. Hall of Fame shooters compete for their own Ironman trophy. In all we had 15 shooters that came out to enough matches to qualify. Doc Marsh took 5th with a 0.3054” grand agg, behind Dan Sutton’s 0.2992”. In 3rd was Tom DeBacco with a 0.2874” and in 2nd we had Dana Andrus with a 0.2806”. Lou Murdica took home the Ironman Trophy with a 0.2676”.

    The Hall of Fame Ironman was especially competitive, with the final match being the determining factor on the winner. Thanks to Lester Bruno’s 2nd place finish this weekend, he pushed up above Gary Ocock’s 0.2525”. In the end Lester took home the trophy with a 0.2434”. Great shooting Lester! Keep in mind these aggs are combined from 6 competitions, a total of 120 matches! That is some impressive long term shooting for all of our Ironman competitors over the entirety of the past 7 months.

    Throughout this weekend’s match, many of our shooters were trying out some new and interesting rail guns, including the match winner, Dana Andrus. Make sure to view the Berger Bullets Flickr page to see pictures of these rail guns.

    Click here to view Saturday's weather information.

    Click here to view Sunday's weather information.

    Thanks again to all of our shooters for making this a great season. We look forward to seeing everyone again in October for the Bench Rest Group Nationals. We will be posting more details on the match on Bench Rest Central and on our website at as we have more information.

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