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Thread: Sightron Siii 8-32x56 verus 10-50x60.

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    Sightron Siii 8-32x56 verus 10-50x60.

    I'm in the process of selling my Vortex Razor HD 5-20x50 front focal plane scope and plan on buying a second focal plane with more magnification which I think will be better for paper punching, thinner reticle and more magnification should aid in aiming. My question is this, if I'm not concerned with the size of the 10-50 are there any other advantages to dropping down to the 8-32. I was always under the impression that a scope had better image quality while you were not at maximum magnification, as in clarity at 32x on the 10-50 would beat the clarity at maximum 32x on the 8-32. The price difference is only about $100 between the two, I just don't want to buy one and wish I had got the other.

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    SIII comparison

    I have both 8 x 32 and 10 x 50 both are great scopes. The issues you may encounter shooting F Class. On bright sunny days mirage becomes a limiting factor. It becomes difficult to see the target with a scope turned up over 25 power. On the other hand on cool cloudy or overcast allows powers over 25 power can be advantageous.
    You could call Sightron and ask for Allen Orr, he can give you the specs on these two scopes.
    Nat Lambeth

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