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Thread: 2016 LV-HV AZ State Championship Results

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    2016 LV-HV AZ State Championship Results

    We would like to thank all of the shooters that came out for the January 30-31, 2016 Light Varmint and Heavy Varmint Arizona State Championships. We had a wonderful turnout this month with 55 shooters that registered, including 3 junior shooters.

    Once again, the practice days gave us great weather for our second January, 2016 match. There was very little wind with cool conditions on both Thursday and Friday. The good weather continued into the weekend with the Saturday matches having calm winds throughout the day. Both Joel Nader and Lester Bruno finished the day with teen Aggs that were just 0.0001” apart; at 0.1987” and 0.1988” respectively.

    Sunday’s matches started with very little wind, but as the day progressed, groups widened up a bit as a storm began to brew. Even with over 50 shooters, we got through the day pretty fast and were able to finish up before too many clouds came in. We lucked out and did not have to deal with any rain and only light gusts of wind. Lester Bruno took a commanding lead in the morning with the Heavy Varmint 200 yard matches, getting a 0.1797” Agg over the 5 matches. In the afternoon Gary Ocock took the Light Varmint 200 yard Agg with a 0.2014” Agg.

    When we combined the Light Varmint and Heavy Varmint Aggs for the weekend’s 2-Gun, Bruno had a strong lead with a 0.2013” Grand Agg, followed by Larry White’s 0.2359” Grand Agg and Joel Nader’s 0.2428” Grand Agg. There was a mix-up with the trophies that were ordered this month, so we will make sure to send out plaques to our 2-Gun winners.

    We combined this weekend’s Light Varmint and Heavy Varmint Aggs with the January 1-2, 2016 Sporter and Unlimited Arizona State Championships to create a 3-Gun and 4-Gun Aggregate. The 3-Gun combined the Sporter, Unlimited, and Light Varmint Aggregates together. Larry White took home both wins, with a 0.2419” Grand Agg on the 3-Gun and a 0.2332” Grand Agg on the 4-Gun. Duke Rovarino’s 0.2510” 4-Gun Agg was just behind him, followed by Gary Ocock’s 0.2594” 4-Gun Agg.

    We are thrilled that we have been getting lots of new faces at the matches this year so far. The 2016 Cactus Classic should see a good turnout if this trend continues. This year’s Cactus will be held on March 19-20, 2016. It will consist of five 5-shot 100 yard Light Varmint, five 5-shot 100 yard Heavy Varmint, five 5-shot 200 yard Light Varmint and five 5-shot 200 yard Heavy Varmint matches. We will also be holding a free banquet dinner for our shooters and their guests at the Ben Avery Indoor Air Rifle Range on Friday, March 18th, 2016 at 5:30pm after practice. At this banquet, we will be giving away prizes that were donated by the Cactus Classic sponsors. For more information, visit our website at We can’t wait to see you there!

    To see photos from this match, visit the Berger Bullets flickr page here.

    Want to see what the weather was like on Saturday? Click here.

    Want to see what the weather was like on Sunday? Click here.

    For more information about the Arizona Bench Rest Shooters, the Cactus Classic and other upcoming matches, visit our website at

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    equipment list

    Will there be an equipment list upcoming? Don't know why but I just love reviewing these things.

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