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Thread: 2015 Unl5-Unl5 AZ Invitational Results

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    2015 Unl5-Unl5 AZ Invitational Results

    Thank you to everyone who attended the December 5-6, 2015 Unlimited 5-Shot Arizona Invitational. This match combined with the October 2015 Visalia Invitational results to create the Combined Invitational Grand Agg. 46 shooters attended the match, 11 of which had also attended the Visalia match.

    Practice gave shooters two days of near perfect conditions to test in. When Saturday came, the wind had picked up and gave our Unlimited shooters a little bit of a challenge. In the afternoon, the wind improved a bit and allowed for some much better groups and aggregates. The day ended with Gary Ocock in the lead with a 100 yard Grand Agg of 0.1571”, with Bob Brackney close behind with a 0.1634” Grand Agg and Marty Childers with a 0.1836” Grand Agg.
    Sunday was very much like Saturday, with wind throughout the morning. Winds calmed enough in the afternoon for some very decent 200 yard groups. Shooters were exceptionally excited to find out that smallest group of the day was shot by one of our Junior Shooters, Garrett Atkins, who shot a 0.188” group in the 8th match of the day.

    We divided the Grand Aggs by taking the first match from the first day and the second match from the second day, then the second match from the first day and the first match from the second day. In the first Grand Agg, Bob Brackney had a commanding lead with a 0.1665” Grand Agg, followed by George Lozano with a 0.2107” Grand Agg and Lester Bruno with a 0.2152” Grand Agg. Bob Brackney also claimed the Second Grand Agg with a 0.1785” Grand Agg, followed by Gary Sinclair’s 0.1857” Grand Agg and Duke Rovarino’s 0.1880” Grand Agg. As one could guess, the 2-Gun Agg once again had Bob Brackney in the lead with a 0.1885” Grand Agg, followed by Lou Murdica’s 02.148” Grand Agg and Lester Bruno’s 0.2171” Grand Agg.

    These scores combined with the Visalia Match’s scores to create the Combined Grand Agg. In the end, the trophy went to Gary Ocock with a Combined Grand Agg of 0.2056”, followed closely behind by Marty Childers with a Combined Grand Agg of 0.2138” and George Lozano with a 0.2153” Combined Grand Agg. We would like to thank Visalia for their continued commitment to this Combined Grand Agg. We think that these invitational matches benefit both of our clubs and helps give shooters from both areas a good reason to travel. between our ranges and get to know more shooters.

    Unlimited matches like this are a big hit with our shooters. One thing we often hear is that shooters do not get to show off their Unlimited guns enough, so we made sure to take lots of pictures of the rifles that were out at the range this weekend, so make sure to take a look at the Berger Bullets Flickr page. We look forward to seeing you January 2-3, 2016 for the SP-Unl5 Arizona State Championship. Have a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!

    To see photos from this match, visit the Berger Bullets flickr page here.

    Want to see what the weather was like on Saturday? Click here.

    Want to see what the weather was like on Sunday? Click here.

    For more information about the Arizona Bench Rest Shooters and upcoming matches, visit our website at

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