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Thread: 2015 SP-Unl5 AZ State Championships Results

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    2015 SP-Unl5 AZ State Championships Results

    We would like to thank all the shooters that came out on November 7-8, 2015 to the 2015 SP-Unl5 Arizona State Championships. This match was part 2 of the Arizona State Championships, and combined with the LV-HV AZ State Championships that we hosted in October, 2015 to create 3 Gun and 4 Gun Aggs. 34 total shooters came out, including some new faces and some that we hadn’t seen for a while.

    Following last month’s rain, we were happy to see the sun shining both Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately, the wind decided to take the rain’s place. It was windy enough that Saturday’s competition was held back for an hour while we waited for the wind to calm down a little. In fact, clocked wind gusts of over 30 miles per hour on Ben Avery Range on Saturday! Towards the afternoon, things finally calmed down to get some pretty decent groups.

    On Sunday, the heavy gusts were gone, but shooters had to face some decent headwinds that made getting a small group tricky. After the early morning passed, the wind became much more accommodating and we saw some nice groups, like George Lozano’s 0.121” small group with his unlimited rifle at 200 yards.

    In the end we had James Coulter take the Unl5 Grand Agg with a 0.1587” agg, a very nice size considering the conditions. Meanwhile, Lou Murdica took the Sporter Grand Agg with a 0.3154” agg. This gave Lou enough of an edge to get him in the lead in the 3-Gun Agg with a 0.3170” Agg, which was just a little smaller than Gary Ocock’s 0.3187” 3-Gun Agg. However, Gary came ahead when you combine in the Unl5 Aggs, giving Gary a 0.2848” 4-Gun Grand Agg, which was a convincing lead to Lou Murdica’s 0.3030” 4-Gun Grand Agg and Dana Andrus’s 0.3248” 4-Grun Grand Agg.

    Even though we did not have an official 2-Gun for SP-Unl5, we want to recognize the Junior shooters that came out this month; Tony DeBacco, Angelina Gonzalez, and Garett Atkins. Tony DeBacco took Unofficial High Junior with a 0.3857” Unofficial 2-Gun Agg.

    We know a lot of Unlimited Shooters are looking forward to next month’s Unl5-Unl5 Invitational. We have had great feedback on the fully Unlimited matches, and we hope you will be able to join us this time around too. Even if you do not have an rail gun, bring your bag gun out and have some fun!

    To see photos from this match, visit the Berger Bullets flickr page here.

    Want to see just how switchy and gusty that Saturday wind was? Click here.

    To see what the weather was like on Sunday, click here.

    For more information about the Arizona Bench Rest Shooters and upcoming matches, visit our website at

    Questions about this or other AZBRS matches? Email us at
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