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Thread: Getting ready for USBR Sporter Class

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    Getting ready for USBR Sporter Class

    A brick of Eley Match arrived from Champion's Choice yesterday afternoon.

    I had recently mounted one of my Weaver T-36 scopes on the 452 Varmint using a set of factory CZ 11mm rings. Finally, a set up that seems to be balanced for the massive CZ rings. I also had to swap back to the original CZ factory trigger tension spring to make the rifle USBR Sporter Class compliant. Interestingly enough, The USBR ruled that you can install the various aftermarket sleeves/tubes to reduce take up/creep, but you cannot replace factory parts. This particular CZ doesn't need the sleeve, but it will take some patience to get back on track with the 3+ lb pull.

    I went to the range this morning to play with torque settings while testing the new ammunition. After spending some time with the Anschütz 1710, a rain front started moving in sooner than I anticipated. I managed to zero close to POA with some fouling rounds and shot these two groups:

    Very promising. This torque setting is 24 on the rear screw and 18 on the front (Thanks again, Fotheringill). I will return on a nicer day and experiment some more – shoot a full practice card, as well.

    Don't laugh. I raced down to staple up a piece of a USBR target ahead of the impending rain. I didn't realize it was upside down until I looked at it through the T-36. Wasn't about to worry about that with the clouds darkening and the gusts picking up.

    By the way, the difference in the POI of those two groups was; three clicks right and one back left, and two clicks down and one back up.
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