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Thread: Firning Pin Strike Photo

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    Firning Pin Strike Photo

    Here is a photo of a 22rimfire case strike after I reshape the firing pin and modified to strike just inside the rim...
    ..did I do this correct?....your thoughts please...thanks
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    The very edge is not hit on my 10x XIII. It might effect extraction to change the rim, idk

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    Folks are usually not talking about the rim exterior but the radius of the rim, which gets work hardened. I'd come in a bit from the edge.

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    One thing to take into consideration is the angle on the outer edge of the firing pin tip. You are pushing a wedge shaped tip into the brass and deeper it goes the more it pushes brass out of the way, so if there is a big angle on that outside edge it can give you a false indication of how close the tip is to the edge is of the case.


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