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Thread: AZBRS LV-HV Southwest Regional Championship Results

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    AZBRS LV-HV Southwest Regional Championship Results

    37 competitors from 6 states (AZ, CA, CO, OR, UT, NV) made it out to the second half of the Southwest Regionals at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, Arizona. Those who attended the 1st half of the Southwest Regionals held last month experienced highs in the mid 40s to low 50s with high winds making for an uncomfortable shooter at best. Those who came out for Thursday’s practice for the 2nd half of the Southwest Regional found temperatures in the low 80s with winds calm and steady. Gratefully, it was quite the contrast from the January match. The highs held in the low 80s through the weekend. Winds were present but were typically lower velocity. This is one of the reasons why shooting winter BR in Phoenix is such a pleasure.

    Saturday, February 7th started with the Light Varmint 100 yard. Teen aggs took the top three places with Gary Ocock leading the way with a .1484 yardage agg. It was great to see Russ Hardy back shooting BR in Phoenix. He was right on Gary’s heels with a .1560. The Heavy Varmints were pulled out for the afternoon shooting. To no one’s surprise there were more teen aggs shot with the HV with the top 8 shooters posting .18 aggs or smaller. This match was particularly interesting due to a photo finish race between the top two shooters. Roy Damron and Gary Ocock went into match 5 with .15 aggs. Gary was slightly ahead of Roy but only slightly. Both shooters had stacked up 4 consecutive .1 groups however, also interesting is the fact that neither shooter posted the small group for any of these matches in spite of all the .1 size groups they were shooting. “Commence fire” was called for match 5. Both shooters showed patience putting their groups together deliberately. Each shooter would post their first .2 group for the day but it was too close to call looking through the spotting scope. In the end Gary shot the bigger group at .221 but Roy’s smaller group at .220 wasn’t enough to pull ahead. In the end Gary took the yardage agg with a .1676. In a great race to the finish, Roy was right on his heels with a .1696. Impressive display of shooting by both.

    On Sunday, February 8th we stayed with the Heavy Varmint for the 200 yard. George Lozano who had finished 3rd in the Heavy Varmint 100 yard came out of the gate with back to back small groups for the match with a .231 and .145 respectively. His third group at .240 was .001 larger than the smallest group in match 3. He finished strong with 2 more ¼ MOA groups finishing with a .1768 yardage agg. It was the only teen agg with second place a distant .2311 away. Great shooting George! George’s back to back .17 aggs secured his 1st place finish in the Heavy Varmint Grand with a .1775. The Light Varmint guns were pulled out to end the day. Bud Mundy who placed 5th in the Heavy Varmint was the top shooter in the Light Varmint with .2260 yardage agg. In the end, Gary Ocock’s strong 100 yard teen aggs (.1484 and .1676) along with steady 200 yard aggs earned him the title of Southwest Regional 2 Gun Champion. Excellent shooting Gary!!

    Being the 2nd half of the Southwest Regionals, these results also allowed us to determine a 3 Gun and 4 Gun Southwest Regional Champions. Given the much colder temperatures of the January it would be interesting to see who could hold out for the top honors. Gary Ocock’s .26 Sporter Grand agg earned him the distinction of being the Southwest Regional 3 Gun Champion. Typically a consistent top finisher, Gary’s dominance would not hold over the entire match. With a .17 Unlimited Grand agg, Larry White took the honor of becoming the Southwest Regional 4 Gun Champion. Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who left the range happy that they were able to enjoy winter BR shooting in Phoenix, AZ. See you at the Cactus Classic on March 14th and 15th.

    You can view pictures of this match on our flickr page by clicking here.

    To find out more about AZBRS, visit our website at

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    Talking Excellent report!!

    Thanks for the report. Well done!!!!

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