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Thread: Finding the correct F/L die

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    Quote Originally Posted by zippy06 View Post
    Oh, Yea. I forgot about Lynwood Harrell.
    And then there JLC in Iowa. Jim makes a really nice die. Steve Theye got me one. That took care of some other concerns.
    All good. give em a call..........................
    +1 for JLC. I purchased mine from Benchrite: With a bit of effort, around .001" runout, good enough for me.


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    Lynwood didn't cash my check for over 6 mos.
    He lent a powder measure. told the guy, if ya like it send me a check or send the measure back. I think, this guy had it all summer. Then sent it back.

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    I have custom dies several actually. they collect dust in my storage bin. I use a 2.5 harrels and its perfect. my chamber is a standard PTG 263 NK .4407 at the base .200 up. lee

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    Thanks for the input. This is a pure PPC-gun for those of you asking.

    The seater issue was mainly meant as an add-on to a F/L die, since have two that match was something I considered to be OK. I also have my experience using Wilson (several) and struggle to see the improvement; still I would like to at least have walked down the custom path.

    For the F/L my chamber might not be too special, I suppose it is close to that of Borden. I have used a Harrels#2 which is normally fine, but a small amount of firings and the die does not really do the job it is supposed to. Hence I bought a #2.5 which I am more satisfied with, still it is not really perfect either. Trying to measure, it seems to "oversize" the shoulder region while the base is worked OK. This might of course be an OK solution in the long run, but this was the reason for asking. I realize I dig into the details - and please convince me that there is nothing in there so I could save myself from spending more $ than I need to.

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    whoever chambered it should be able to recommend a good die or have some available.

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