Hello Super Shooter's!

With the continued support of VihtaVuori Powder and Lapua reloading components, I will be conducting another VihtaVuori N133/Lapua Rifle Tuning clinic Monday evening May 19th at 6:00PM at the Pistol Range at Kelbly's.

This will be a perfect opportunity to learn some valuable new skills prior to the start of this year's Super Shoot!

All are welcome! There is NO cost to attend this N133/Lapua tuning clinic!

I will be covering the following N133 VihtaVouri tuning, Lapua .220 Russian case-prep and comprehensive match-strategy topics during my session:

- Proper neck-turning and prepping your Lapua .220 Russian cases
- Full-length die/Headspace set-up and maintenance of your Lapua .220 Russian Cases
- How to tune and maintain the tune of your rifle!
- Tuning for different conditions with N133 Powder
- Interpreting your bullet hole shapes and....the formation of your groups
- Understanding and using mirage as a wind-reading tool
- Proper Front and Rear bag construction and set-up
- Proper bench set-up and gun-handling skills and drills!
- Beginner and advanced match strategies...
- Open Q/A...

Looking forward to seeing everyone again at the Super Shoot Monday evening!

Best Regards,

Jack Neary