As I recall, I made the statement that nobody could tell the difference in the accuracy of a rifle from weighed charges vs charges that varied .2 grains. I offered to jump a plane and go see, if anyone claimed they could pick out the shots that had the .2 variance. Larry Costa took me up on it but I think he understood the deal to be load weight rather than the age old question of whether to drop or weigh. He added a bunch of criteria that wouldn't affect the test so long as the shots were "blind".

OK, the season is dwindling such that Larry might not become distracted and I'm still in. The question to Larry is:

Do you still believe you can pick out the shot that varies 2 tenths grain from the others? Alternatively, pick out the group within an 5 target agg that has variance - all others being weighed?

It would be simpler to pick out the shots but I'm willing to go either way. Restating, the purpose of the test is to determine if the variances in powder weight as a result of using a powder drop are discernible on the target.

Larry - are you still in on this? I can fly close on the cheap from Chattanooga.....